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News: Google Reader.

Weather... Well, I still have a TV with an antenna, though I almost never watch it. I wrote a script to fetch Weather alerts from NOAA and post them to GoogleClalendar, and have WeatherBug and MyWeather.com apps on my ipod touch that signal alerts, but that's pretty much it.

I probably should acquire a weather radio.


Wunderground and weather.com both have text alerts you can sign up for.

Tim McGlynn

I've been using a weather channel feed on Justin.tv (http://justin.tv/weatherbroadcast). It's for Norfolk VA and can get pretty choppy but you'll still get to see Jim C.

Russell Brazil

How about turning on the TV. You know they still brodcast a bunch of channels over the air.

George Isaacs

News12.com, the website for Cablevision's News 12. Updates aren't as live as they would be on TV (maybe). Also, most of the over the air stations (2, 4, 5, 7) have been very inclusive of Long Island news, at least as far as weather and traffic, over the last several years.

Anthony Hayes

Remember radio? It's still there! :) Sirius also has good weather stations.


As the previous poster stated the obvious, the radio still works. Keep some fresh batteries and a radio in the closet for emergencies. Also with the growing market of smart phones there are several apps you can use to get radio stations from afar as well as apps to listen to emergency dispatch frequencies (i.e. EMS, Fire & Police bands).


Basic cable may not show you all the local channels that are available over the air. In my area, there is at least one full-time weather channel offered as an extra digital feed (e.g. channel 11.2, 11.3, etc.). But of course in a real emergency you are better off with a battery-powered radio.


Twitter! You can get your Jim Cantore fix there (@jimcantore).

Jan Studebaker

I use Roku, and have signed up to several news channels. Available to all is Roku's "Newscaster" which I use nightly for very recent NBC, Brian William's feeds. The other shows available on "Newscaster" are generally less up-to-date, or are audio feeds only.

"Democracy Now" (a separate channel) is also updated quickly after broadcast.

"Fox News" has a channel that streams in real time, but is extremely right wing when it comes to politics.

CNN International is a "private channel" that streams 100% of the time (Fox News is more limited time wise). You can use Google search to figure out how to sign-up.

Aubrey Turner

Many local agencies are sending out alerts via Nixle. http://www.nixle.com/

The alerts you get are customized based on your ZIP code (and you can add or remove agencies as you see fit). I get alerts from my local police (as well as surrounding cities) as well as the county emergency management office.

For weather, good old weather.gov is still really good. They will have all the alerts for your area as well as national and regional info. For example, here is the dedicated watch page for Irene: http://www.noaawatch.gov/2011/tc_at09.php


for weather i look outside


I have access to a zillion channels on TV, and yet my main source of news is Facebook and Twitter. There's also NBC Nightly News which is on Hulu before the nightly broadcast even airs, and also on their website. I'm sure other news stations offer the same thing. It's all the same news, but without the commercials.

D. Rackerby

Have people actually forgotten about free, over-the-air, broadcast TV? It's better than ever since going digital. Plug your address in here to see what's available in your area:


Anthony Hayes

It's rainin' sideways!!!

Robert Emmerich

Thanks for all the feedback - even the catty stuff, it makes me laugh. Winner of most useful info was NBC Nightly News on Hulu (though of course not on Hulu Plus). I tried TV Fool but it just shows what I already know, most digital signals are good for 30 miles - all or nothing - and I'm about 32 miles from most signals. I've tried several plug-in antennas but nothing. And I already use 1010 WINS - I give them 22 minutes and they give me the world - but hurricanes, like baseball - don't translate well to radio. Fortunately, and this may be helpful news to some of you, weather.com is streaming Live on their website. I'm pretty sure they don't normally do this and it's event related. Good to have, while the power lasts.


I haven't had cable in eight years and stopped dealing with the annoying reception of broadcast about five years ago. I just use the internet, through the computer or the phone.


I use Google News on the PC and Xbox 360 MSNBC channel on the TV. I also get the standard over the air channels that show news at 5 and 11 oclock. I cut the cable cord about a year ago. I save about 80 Bucks a year which I use for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Xbox Zune. I cut the DVD by mail now that the prices went up. I used to be a 3 at a time member now Im a RedBox Member. Although I do hate the late fees.


My roku has a weather channel.

Mostly yahoo though. Or free local TV.


At 32 miles you probably need something more than a simple indoor antenna. There are antennas that could probably be made to work indoors at that distance (CM4221, a DIY 4-bay bowtie, or maybe a Gray Hoverman), but they're a little large. If you're not ready to go with an outdoor antenna, you're probably not ready to go OTA.

In most cases, you'd get excellent reception with an outdoor antenna at 32 miles.

Brady Wahl

Weather channel has a livestream: http://www.weather.com/tv/tvshows/Livestream


Why not just use a cell phone with internet access?

Pat Billone

I get my info from Facebook.


Roku has a CNN channel that streams live CNN International. In case of breaking news (and at many other times), it gives you American CNN.

Robert Emmerich

Ya know, it all kinda becomes a moot point after 33 hours - and counting - without power. Livestream was good while it lasted. Even for the few around me with power Cablevision - our internet service provider - was down. Oh, and I have a $5 monthly cellphone account w/ Virgin Mobile, so know cellphone data plan for me, normally don't need 1 with nearly ubiquitous WiFi.

Sent from McDonalds.

Nels Johnson

You hear that Netflix ? we want you to start streaming local live feeds ! Just the networks ,abc ,cbs ,nbc ,etc. Commercials and everything.


This is day 1.5 of hurricane Irene. Power went out yesterday at 11 am. Fortunately FIOS (internet only) is still working. Have the wifi router connected to a generator circuit. My 160" antenna on the roof survived the storm well. I'm still seeing my over 30 Over The Air (OTA) channels - many in HD and some in 1080i (like the major networks). My portable generator - converted to Natural Gas - has been running for several hours. My last check was at 1 pm and I'll be checking the oil shortly. Neighbors have no Comcast and can't figure out how to put up a piece of wire to pick up the strong local signals broadcast OTA.

Don't forget the basics! A cheap OTA antenna, set up as a backup, can be a lifeline.

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