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don't know ..don't care.

Noor Almtowaq

What does this mean in the other way. Will we see more disney movies, disney channel series like good luck charlie , thats so raven and other shows streaming.

I am disney fan is a good news or bad news.

Kerry Anderson

I personally would rather see the older Disney films and shows rather than all the new stuff. Though I don't think they'll get very far with the pay-TV stuff.

Noor Almtowaq

Disney channel is my number favorite channel from 1980 to 1999 and till 05. but i still watch the new stuff.

Netflix please Pay as much money you can to keep disney from not leaving your streaming.

With out disney Netflix wont be netflix


Disney's current home video strategy is artificial scarcity. They take their videos off the shelves and cycle them through "THE VAULT!!!" to create a whole market of Disney home video collectors that otherwise wouldn't care at all. Of course they're going to remove their content from Netflix streaming. Disney is the reason it takes so long for copyright media to enter the public domain now. They're never going to do things for the consumer.

Noor Almtowaq

Robotskilledyou i been a disney fan for a long time and remember the old disney channel the real disney without hannah. i like zack and cody and wizards but hannah ruin it.

I understand what you mean but still they shouldn't do that because netflix will not be netflix.

Seriously if i was netflix back in 2007 i would do my first deal and pay $$$ lots of green to get the right to stream them include old shows and tv movies and big hits for a year but old stuff last for long.

then i go to do other deals but my first is disney and then starz and then nick and then wb and then fox and epixhd


Please elaborate on your "without Disney, Netflix won't be Netflix" theory.

Noor Almtowaq

Galagatron thanks


I just cut back on my cable to save money and with more and more people dumbing cable tv for online streaming as their main choice of tv watching I think disney is stupid to be doing this, it's gonna hurt them in the long run.


I would love to see them add the Disney shows I grew up watching on ABC in the afternoon when I got home from school. Shows like Tailspins, Duck Tails, Darkwing Duck, and Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. I would love to be able to introduce my niece to these great shows.


I don't understand their licensing... Ghostbusters 2 is streaming, but the first is not. Old movies like Leap of Faith or even The Misfits are unavailable DVD or streaming.

You can find Leap of Faith streaming from a dozen sites, but none of them legitimate, is this what Hollywood prefers? They could hire teams of lawyers and lobbyists to shut those sites down, then the ones that come up after, and the next ones.. or they could license them for what they see as undervalued, and still make more than they are now without the legal expense.

Noor Almtowaq

Yeah those great times when tv back in old days. Netflix should pay more to disney to make people happy because disney owns alot of movies and company from abc , nbc , disney , toon disney , disney xd and starz and espn. It will be great to get those movies and cool stuff on there.


I wish Disney would release the rest of Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles on DVD, I've been waiting and hoping for years.


@Noor - I'd rather see Disney start their own streaming service, that way the people who want to pay Disney can do it without forcing all Netflix customers to pay.


Disney is not a big deal to me.

What IS a big deal is the VERY LONG WAITS I have for the top 15 in my queue for months now.

Its CLEAR they are buying fewer copies which means Im not getting what I pay more for.

They are going to force me to swap back & forth between accounts again to combat it.

Its a pain.


Read the actual transcripts. They are talking more deals, with a one year delay on TV content (no in-season deals).

Bob Iger
Well we're in discussions with Netflix and with a number of other entities in the space. And I think it's likely that we will make more deals in this space. Our overall approach of late has been to make deals that increase revenue, while at the same time, protect and respect basically the multichannel or the channel distribution value that we see today. And so, we're looking at deals that are largely library in nature, meaning very little if any content that would be in season, mostly prior season. But also, trying to build into at least some of these deals, some form of authentication, not necessarily in the ones that you described, but in ones that it will allow access to our programming faster or in a more aggressive window, if the customer is a multichannel subscriber. I think it's a means of growing the business. There's clearly a thirst for film and entertainment, in particular branded, high-quality entertainment. And what we're seeing I think stimulated in part by not only higher connectivity speeds, but significant development in mobile technology, particularly tablets. And we're looking at platforms that are emerging that are creating all kinds of new business opportunities for content providers.


Justin Hinkle

This does mean more deals. If you have a problem with not getting current season content (of which I have seen little more than a few Disney channel shows), but still get tons of library content (which is what folks are looking for from the Disney they grew up with), then this is no problem, but a blessing as Disney realizes Netflix can help monetize content that perhaps doesn't have a strong DVD market and perhaps needs to be re-discovered by a new generation. As for artificial scarcity, Disney has more in the market than they have in "The Vault".

Sdfs Long

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