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Streaming to my PS3 has been shaky for about a month now. Sometimes it'll stream fine, sometimes I can't watch anything. During those times, I've had no problems streaming to my Wii, so I assume it's bandwidth-related (but not on my end).


i have trouble with roku but computer plays fine

Paul White

It took four tries to get my stream to start last night (8:45 est on 8/31). Speedtest said 9.1 mb download speed, so it wasn't that. It wasn't a time out. I would click play and the screen would stay black for minutes on end.

Kim Bone Littleton

I have been having trouble streaming on the Wii for 2 days now. It's not a problem with the internet connection as I have I tested that. I can play on the computer without problems.


netflix runs like the country does

Scott Richards

Netflix will not stream on my 2 different Wii's or my Blu-ray player. It goes to start then says "the title is not available, try again later" no matter what movie I pick. It seems to work fine on my PC and Iphone though.They all use the same connection, so it's not my internet.

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