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Anthony Hayes

I've never watched a Tyler Perry movie.


I tried watching a Tyler Perry movie to see if it is as bad as they say. I stopped after about ten minutes.


well, i'm giving up on netflix. this is just getting rediculous. i've haven't been getting my new releases any longer, sometimes it takes as long as 4 days for them to get my returned vids. even when i drive to the post office to return them so i'll get the new one, i don't get it. they are cutting back on the number of vids i get per month, and yes, i think it is on purpose. they are also cutting back on the new releases i get. all this while charging more. second increase this year, and four-to-five times the last increase. i tried to watch more online vids to justify my payment increase. let the little guy pick-up-the-tab. that's just not right.

no, like most other people, i guess you think i didn't even notice it when you raised the price and quit servicing me properly like the loyal customer i've been. seems there is a lot of that going around. everybody is passing the extra cost along to the customer, while jobs are cut, prices are going up, etc. thanks for jumping on the bandwagon and showing me where you stand.

well, i'm cancelling. it was a good run, netflix, i enjoyed it. but, it's over now. i no longer insist for people to join or tell them how great you are at getting new release movies out to me quickly. now the price went up and i'm feeling betrayed for being a good customer. you really need to re-prioritize... get real! oh, and thanks for rewarding my patronage! may you get what's coming to you... good bye!

Anthony Hayes

I feel like that's what I'm going to do too, Galagatron. I might give it a shot though. Since they are so popular I feel like I am missing out. I'll probably regret this in the morning, but it won't be the first time! :)

Ryan McHone

i went to storage wars and it doesnt show it as being available instantly but if you hoover over the link it shows it is available instantly.


Doc Martin (the series) has been streaming at least since the spring. I'm in series four right now, it's fantastic.


Thanks. How does one get a hold of that weekly list?

Anthony Hayes

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