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I've got a CR-48. I use it regularly, but given how it chokes on Hulu, I don't expect it to be able to handle Netflix.

The retail products presumably will perform better.

Jeremy Sheehan

@Notovny - Completely OT, but what are your thoughts on the Chromebook concept? Like it? Love it?

Taylor Shahon

Also have a CR-48. Haven't had much streaming issues. As for the Netflix plugin, it's been around at least for a month or so, particularly in the newer Chromebook devices (like the Samsung model). Thus far, Netflix isn't playable on any of them.

It's confirmed that it's en route, just not the when. If you try to instant watch Netflix on one, it says it's "coming soon."

Misty Currier

I also have a CR-48 and not able to play Netflix. Still getting the "coming soon" message

Jeff Jones

I have a Samsung Chromebook and I haven't even attempted to use Netflix as of yet. I have been waiting for the app to start working but I'm not sure how much I will use it.

As for the Chromebook concept mine works perfectly for what I bought it for. It is a lousy primary computer and a fantastic carry around secondary computer. I love mine and use it every day.


I got a chromebook from Google as a beta tester. Amusingly, I was sure there was no way I was going to get one, but my wife insisted I apply. It's perhaps poetic justice that she uses it far more than I do.

It's neat. Hellacious (in a really, really good way) battery life, which is very nice. Useful for web stuff. She's run into problems because, obviously, there's a ton of stuff she can't do including Netflix. She also had problems working with her Android phone (connected to the laptop), and dealing with pictures (since Google hasn't really released Chromebook versions of their apps like Picasa).

Overall, if I was stuck using one, I'd probably prefer to find something with a real OS on it so I could install something that let me install apps. That said, especially now that I've got an SSD in my Macbook Pro, I'd probably opt for the more expensive option of getting a Netbook and upgrading the drive to an SSD.

Taylor Shahon


For the record, you *can* install another OS on it. It's not complicated, but it's not the SIMPLEST thing ever - okay, it's simple with the instructions, so long as it's something you're comfortable with. My cr48 has a CrOS and Ubuntu dual boot system going on.

Neither, though, sadly, can handle Netflix... I'm eagerly anticipating the functionality of this plugin. A lot of the folk in the Chromebook Google Group, including myself, were somewhat expecting it to be function in time for the release of the newer non-beta Chromebooks (Samsung etc versions). Unfortunately, we wait still.

Walt D in LV

"a Netflix plug-in for Google Chrome".. I don't have a Chrome Notebook (actually I don't know what that is) but Netflix seems to stream using the Google Chrome browser...

Walt D in LV

Here is an article that talks a little bit more about the Netflix plug-in:

Taylor Shahon


The matter at hand is Chrome OS's underlining OS. It's based upon Linux, from which you cannot currently stream Netflix. It requires Silverlight, which is unavailable in the Linux world (it does not work with the alternative, Moonlight (or whichever it was called).

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