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and not one of them makes any sense

Chris Richard

And that is important why.

Donald Sykes

I'm sure Spanish speaking Americans think it's important. It could be said why is it important that they obtained NBC tv shows or any other content you might be interested in but someone else isn't. Just because it's not important to you it is or might be to someone else.


I always wished that they would raise the price of netflix so that we could get more premium content. I'm glad that they are expanding, good for them. I'm just wondering if its normal to take from one group to expand into another group. If I owned say a burger shop would I get away with raising the price for a hamburger from 4 to 8 bucks so that I could go open a burger shop in another town and sell them for 5 bucks. I'm a little confused as to the logic of all this. If I wanted to open another burger shop I would have saved up and used my savings to open another shop. Netflix has done something seriously strange here. They are gambling that there customers will very willingly bankroll there expansion so that there is no decrease in revenue for there company during this time of transition. I only wish that the price increase was to get more premium content instead of getting stuff for other countries.

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