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Mariko Smuli

Solution: just wait until Android can be completely loaded onto touchpad and then use hacked version of netflix app.


Fortunately, NF is one of those who does not believe the web is the ultimate app. Flash runs 100% fine on the TouchPad (yeah, I grabbed one) but way too many of these video providers have custom or otherwise stupid plugins (Dish network just finalized the switch from the functional Flash site to the buggy custom plugin site, so it doesn't work on any mobile without an app either).

Hey... when can we get a silverlight plugin for webos instead?


The Webos community is beginning to mobilize and target the popular apps we want and need on that platform to help it stay alive until we get to a hardware refresh. Join the campaign to bring Netflix Watch Instantly to Webos! http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/campaign-0-3084


This is a perfect example of why using internet standards or standards in general is important. Why spend all the money and man hours developing an app and then making it work on every device ever released for each platform when you can make something built with a standard and then it works on everything that supports the standard?

As Shoobe01 mentioned, flash is a good example of this. Flash is an internet standard that works on all platforms. So why has netflix insisted over and over again to go the harder route and use/do stuff that alienates large yet not majority portions of their customers? Silverlight for example leaving any platform but windows out.

And then building an app for android and then having to spend money and man hours on top of that to get each device supported. Not to mention the very limited amount of netflix customers this benefits due to their poor choice in not using a standard. When they could have made a flash based player and then all they would have to do is bug fixes. No wasted resources on dealing with individual devices and platforms.

Now as far as webOS is concerned or any new platform for that matter. Developers don't want to develop if there are no planned devices to further the platform. And that is compounded by a relatively small customer base to the giants like iOS and windows.

Even though there are millions of users the corporate world shuns that because they only want to do something that will make them millions instead of 100s of 1,000s. Linux and mac face the same problem in the PC world. While yes there are apps on those platforms you are hard pressed to get the really good stuff. Especially PC gaming.

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