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Oh, good, a way for my 11-year-old to find even /more/ of the same stuff they already watch. Delighted.


The UK equivalent of the MPAA is much better - they explain their ratings for each movie (with spoilers if necessary!). I'm sure just about everything released here is also released there, although there could be a delay for theaters that wouldnt be a problem for Netflix watching:

Ponyo: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/AFF262902/ (click Show Details)

Karen *

I think this is great!

This makes it much easier/quicker to find something that my kids will want to watch. Much easier to navigate than the drop down menus, having to select categories, age range, etc.


No kids here... any way to remove that tab?

Robert Emmerich

Great news for this father of 2 about to drop cable tv, too bad we only watch NF on the PS3 and occasionally on the Wii if the kids have that console on first.

The downside is this is 1 step closer to getting NF "personal" accounts. Do kids get separate que's for streaming? Kinda useless w/o it, no?


Just never click on it. Problem solved. :D

If I had kids, I'd hate the fact that Recently Watched titles are in a line at the very top of the page. Who wants the kiddies to see the R rated stuff you've watched?

Account Deleted

The individual episodes have their own thumbnails and show how much of each episode has been watched. See below: ~ I actually took the above screen captures from my own account, so I can confirm the design is active on at least some accounts.


Any chance they're going to make their website "people who don't have kids friendly" and stop blending kids movie recommendations with everything else?


Now they just need an interface for viewers that can read with titles above each movie icon.

Account Deleted

Select users who have the feature will notice a new tab on the main menu of their accounts between "Watch Instantly" and "Browse DVDs." It opens to a sliding bar of characters from popular children's television series and movies.

Noor Almtowaq

I love the new JUST FOR KIDS i am 25 years and i love kids and family like disney shows and old nick shows i grew up when i was kid.

i like how they make cool characters and click on them which takes you to there own page.

the down side about is still hard to see what episode and season and other stuff.

they need to find a way to remove the recent watch and remove the kids and family link off.

I am waiting for roku 2 xs to get netflix setting because i watch more tv and movies and kids also do.

Walt D in LV

@shoobe01.. Just give your 11 year old their own profile. Though you can't stream movies on that Profile (YET??) they can rate their favorite (and least favorite) shows and movies. Based on the ratings, Netflix will recommend other things, that they've probably never seen before. But if they, have, then they rate those, too. Eventually they will be overwhelmed with titles and choices to see.

And, if not, you're the parent. Do what I do: Remember all your favorites growing up and introduce them to your kids. For animated titles, Flintstones, Jetsons, Bugs Bunny, Speed Racer, Johnny Quest.. How 'bout Land of the Lost, HR Pufnstuf, Apple Dumpling Gang, Wizard of Oz, Last Starfighter, Back to the Future, The Love Bug, Star Trek II.. the list is endless!

11 years old is a tough time. Those tween years where, depending on the child, may be too young for titles like Die Hard or Terminator, but too old for Space Chimps. It's bad for me, I have a daughter whose 15, and my sons are 13 and 11. So, while she can watch most everything (still SOME exceptions) I'm so eager, but cautious, to show my kids great classic movies like Beverly Hills Cop. Can I show the 13 year old now only to have to show it again in a couple years to my now 11 but then 13 year old?


My 8 year old discovered this morning and he loved it right away.


A step in the right direction but still needs some 'tweaking'. Separate queues for various family members would help considerably, I've seen this request from numerous users and have been requesting it for about 5 years now. Since we don't have that option as of now I have to have a separate "stream only" account for the kids but at $8 it's still cheap so I'm not complaining about the cost rather that I have to log in and out of various accounts to manage them which is a hassle. One other issue to be resolved is that National Geographic and other such shows rated NR (not rated) often are not allowed to be streamed on the "PG" setting which is silly. A show about sharks should not be considered unwatchable on a PG setting and there are many, many shows that fall into this category. In the settings tab, NR (not rated) shows and documentary need to be included for PG viewing, otherwise viewers are missing out on a WHOLE LOT of content.


Streaming only... no DVD recommendations. Not much use to me as a DVD only customer now thanks to the price hike.


Isn't that wonderful! Just turn on the netflix and let kids sit all day watching movies and shows. They should be outside playing and being involved in activities. Don't you ever think you might be raising a generation of couch potatoes? Plenty of time to sit and vegetate in old age when there's not much else you can do. Of course it is much easier on the parents to use a tv as a baby sitter instead of taking children to soccer, baseball, hockey practice or dancing lessons. I'm glad I raised my family before this electronic age.

Any chance they're going to make their website "people who don't have kids friendly" and stop blending kids movie recommendations with everything else?

If you don't like kids stuff, then rate it down. I'm an adult without children and I occasionally watch kids movies. Toy Story and Ponyo are a couple in that above screenshot that I've viewed and enjoyed.

I hate horror movies so I just don't watch them and I rate them down or as "not interested" and not very many show up in my recommendations. Problem solved, and Netflix web designers don't have to create some silly "exclude category" mechanism.

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