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Pat Billone

My streaming worked fine today on Xbox.



People are now paying MORE for this streaming aggravation?!

It is why I dropped to DVD only (as well as poor streaming coverage).

NF can just send me umpteen DVDs as I watch for my pleasure for $10 per month. Cheaper now for me!!!

Less $$$$ in NF's pocket.


this is all the tee wee we have since we ditched satellite 2 years ago


They didn't even fix the problem. I had no issues streaming last night, now I get home from work, find out there was a prob, find out that the prob was fixed, and now my streaming doesn't work. What is going on? They expect people to start paying more next month and they're STILL having constant probs with streaming. So rediculous. If they want us to pay more, they should up the quality.


I haven't had many troubles with the streaming at all lately maybe once this month I had issues but you also got to remember just how many people out there are streaming all the time that can cause things to slow down and or crash the system. I think that netflix does a good job at the streaming side (I could use newere titles that's another topic.) for justr how much it's used

Noor Almtowaq

My netflix channel cant work right on roku 2 and missing episode on some shows and i am using old roku and still no work.


For a few hours last night, netflix on PS3 was prompting me to log into netflix. When I did, it said my info was wrong. Had no problems with the instant streaming on my computer.


It wasn't fixed when they said it was fixed. last night my daughter was trying to watch something on the PS3 and it kept stopping and saying there was a problem.


same thing for me also
nothing changed

John Hall

We are definitely still seeing problems with specific shows. Star Trek TNG comes up unavailable and Parking Wars now shows the episode list out of order.

Jon Bossier

Just this morning Netflix would not load and said that I didn't have a connection. Hulu worked fine. Maybe they didn't pay their bill.

Rafael Nieves

Still having crazy problems streaming video on the PS3 in the evenings. All my other streaming services seem to be working just fine. Went to the netflix site on my computer and it says its temporarily down. What a PITA


Update: NOT FIXED!
First, streaming did not work. Now, I cannot connect to Netflix via blu-ray player or my computers. The rest of the internet is work just fine. Netflix is DOWN, at least from where I am.

Finally got this message:
The Netflix web site is temporarily experiencing technical issues.


OK, it seems to be working again; it's irritating and a bit concerning, but it wasn't done long.


Just got Netflix last night and right off the bat having issues with stopping to load every 5 minutes. Fun when you have 2 young kids want to watch a movie. If its not fixed definitely wont be worth continuing after the free trial. And YES I have high speed internet, I know it wouldnt be sensible without it.
Today is the 28th if they are experiencing technical temporary difficulties how temporary is I hope temporary doesnt last much longer!

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