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Noor Almtowaq

This is a smart idea and i hope they show more new stuff and popular kids tv and movies.

So now netflix is trying to get kids to watch movies on laptop not tv.

I been trying to send them message about NETFLIX SETTING because i can add 120 kids stuff and the rest adult stuff.

Justin Hinkle

Too bad the UI is so slow too load (for me anyway). I used the link to the old WI page and it loads SO quickly and it is easy to add things to the queue and check out the rating (and read the darn title!). The new UI is wasted over-programming in my eyes.


I'm using a relatively pathetic Atom based laptop the kids page loads fine. I'm not sure how useful it will be since I don't let kids near my computer. They are too prone to spill things on it.


I've been asking for this for 5 years. At my child's age I'd love it if they considered that your average 12 year old is going to be turned off by Blues Clues on their home pages. So... Maybe a few options for age groups i.e. 3-5 4-7 8-10 and 11-13. I still don't want my 12 old accessing rated r yet but so many things are "not rated" and therefore not accessible to the PG setting. This needs to be fixed.

Noor Almtowaq

they need make the tv is easy to access safety. They need to find a way that we can put our own movies. lets see where this will go from and they need to work on netflix channel next.

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