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you mean like this?


Noor Almtowaq

If roku 2 just add's the block search feature back. All the family with kids will be happy to enjoy there movies, shows and dont worry about searching clicking and watch R rated. Blocking pg on the netflix site still does not help out.

What about if netflix channel on roku gets a redesign. u got 500 instant watch and then it will sparate them into drama,kids,family etc.
just like epixhd but your own 500 instant watch.


There is a new channel on Roku that does all that - MultiQ


Account Deleted

I like your article its really nice , great thoughts thanks for sharing this.


I've been waiting for something like this. When you restrict usage to a certain level, you can override it to add a movie to your DVD queue, but not to watch instantly. So, any night I want to watch something beyond the threshold set for my kids, I need to log into my account and remove the restriction, then set it again when I'm done. Onerous, to say the least.

Noor Almtowaq

the easy way is if Roku 2 bring the netflix setting back and make a new design for the channel.

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