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I'm glad you posted this. Maybe Netflix will fix it now, since this workaround is the most convoluted thing imaginable. I can't imagine Netflix is proud that they make their customers work through a 10 step program just to play an episode on their TV.


I thought this was a workaround to see more movies/TV show recommendations in the scrolling list of whatever device you're in. I prefer surfing through titles on the device to the website, but am cut off at the knees by only being able to see like 35 of each genre.



Sound really complicated.- Gaurav

Noor Almtowaq

wait i am Confused what shows are effect on netflix streaming.
I mean i watch all episode of buffy and i didnt miss anything
and also disney series.

can someone tell me what series so i can double check.


I'm confused as well. I watch practically nothing but TV series' on instant watch, unless movies I want to see are close to expire. But anyways, that means I have watched dozens maybe more entire series' and every episode available to watch I could watch from my netflix ready samsung bluray player.

Joe Palmer

Ran into this Saturday night, more recent seasons of South Park only eps 1 and 2 show up on my bluray giving a total of 100 eps, but everything (168 I think) was on the list for my computer. Guess I should have checked here.

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