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Jacob Neff

Does this mean more subcontracted post offices, because those are great! Depending on the location, the lines and business hours are usually better than the official post office.

Stephan Neidenbach

Competition I accept as a reason, email I don't. Online shipping has to have made up for less letters and billing statements being sent.


It's about time the USPS faced reality, I'm sorry employees will lose their jobs but that's the only way to stay solvent.

To be honest I haven't been to the front counter of a USPS office in years, I buy stamps and mail packages in the lobby 24/7 using the automated machines.

Huge Loser

And this relates to Netflix, how? Come on HN, lets stay on topic. If you are gonna start writing pieces about people who are unemployed then we are gonna be here for weeks.

I come here for Netflix news.

Jacob Neff

@Huge Loser -- The USPS's fate is very much tied into the decisions Netflix makes and vice versa.

Steve Lum

Netflix CEO gave his approval to a 5-day delivery week. But if the USPS went to a 3-day delivery week, that would be sure to affect Netflix negatively if it happened in the near future. However, the USPS said as late as June that they are not currently considering a 3 day week, and projects that could happen in 15-20 years. But who knows - projections are just that. The projection made this weelof the number of employees to be cut by 2015 is much more than they projected it would be.

Huge Loser

@Jacob Neff -- you're wrong. The fact that Netflix operates through the mail is the only relationship the two share. I have yet to see any decrease in Junk Mail that I find every morning in my mailbox. This has nothing to do with Netflix -- let's move along.

Steven Lumley

@Jacob Neff - Netflix makes a lot of money on their dvd business. the revenue from this side of the business affects their ability to purchase more streaming rights. though Netflix is still growing, millions of netflix customers polled said they would either decrease their dvd memberships or switch to another service. So, in the future, if: 5-day delivery (or less) takes away further customers; netflix has decreased revenue from dvd side of business; future competition (sure to be much stronger) affects price and ability of content - netflix could be affected. especially if people who are on the fence about keeping their current dvd plan decide it is not worth it when (with 5-day delivery) you get less dvd's/month as a result.

Just my opinion, nothing more.


@Huge Loser, are you suggesting the postal service should somehow limit the amount of junk mail you get and that would help their bottom line? You're wrong. Junk mail is a significant source of revenue for the USPS and delivering it helps subsidize the first class mail. The USPS reducing the number of days it delivers mail absolutely would have an affect on Netflix. It is the same for the online streaming part of their business. No broadband Internet service, or low monthly caps, means Netflix sells less of their product to those people. Less USPS mail service means they sell less of their product. If customers get fewer DVDs per month then the service is worth less to them.


The postal service is being killed because of the civil service union. It's really that simple.

I doubt we'll ever see a 5 day delivery schedule. The Senate won't allow it. the postal service is a private business and needs to start acting as such.

Seth Hill

Had a family member work for the post office. They said the post office gets less letters but a lot more packages and that the workload has not dropped at all. They said the primary problem the post office has been having is figuring out how to spend money. This person mentioned they had seen a $15k birthday party for one of the bosses in a normal post office where they work.


@moviegeek they have removed all the machines from the lobbies of our local Post Offices. We have to go to the counter to by anything. I guess it was a way of justifying these jobs.

Steve Lumley

It makes me feel bad to think of anyone losing their job. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but the decline of the post office seems wrong. But technology and people's habits change.

As far as Netflix, by and large, my experience has been very good. So for those of use that like Netflix, let's hope that they learn from history.

Huge Loser

@me.yahoo.com/ - No, that is not what I am suggesting.

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