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Steve Flowers

So my next billing period begins much later in September, but I figured I would go ahead an change last week anyway just so I wouldn't forget. I was downgrading from 3 discs + streaming, down to 1 disc + streaming. When I selected that option it said that my change would simply go into effect on my next billing cycle. I mailed back a couple of my discs, and 2 more came in the mail. So it is possible depending on what type of account changes you are making, that you don't need to wait until just before your billing period ends.


For the love of God, please stop talking about the price increase. Netflix is well worth whatever they charge. Period.

Anthony Hayes

D-Day! I'm freaking out! I had Crispix instead of Cracklin' Oat Bran for breakfast and I wore a tan shirt instead of a brown one today! Somebody slap me.


"Netflix is well worth whatever they charge. Period."

Okay, I'm done laughing at that statement.

When you charge higher prices and push a product that only offers limited coverage of 20% of your entire catalog, that's not worth the price increase. Streaming coverage is limited, multiple outages, expiring titles, etc.

I dropped my plan to DVD only and will save $3 a month over what I was paying instead of paying $6 more for same spotty streaming.

Maybe in another 2-3 years streaming will come into primetime but its still in its infancy. It took several years to get DVD coverage and availability up with catalog additions and new DC locations. Now NF seems to have put it on the back burner top work on streraming. The DVD catalog depth is starting to buckle now. They now have 2 mediocre products instead of 1-2 top products.

Remember, there are plenty of other services seeking your business (free, paid and gray area). NF is no longer the only kid in town.



Netflix has NEVER been the only game in town. But seriously, look at other services and tell me that you are actually getting a BETTER product for the same price as Netflix. Yes, I agree with you, streaming is in it's infancy, and due to poor executive decisions made by content owners, it may never develop. And yes, the DVD catalog has gone downhill since the shift to streaming, which I do not agree with. But, can you honestly expect the service to continue at such a low price, when costs to acquire content are rising exponentially, postal costs are going up, etc? Eventually, you reach market saturation, and simply adding more subscribers doesn't make up for the additional costs, so you have to actually charge the customer what you are paying to deliver the service. Trust me, if you look 6 months or a year into the future for Netflix, profit margins aren't going to go up that much, but expenses to pay for streaming content are going to go up quite a bit. My only hope is, they truly DO separate the two, so that DVD's get a priority again, and when the studios decide to kill streaming, the costs are only reflected in the streaming side of the plan.

I don't like the price increase either, trust me. But the number of hours of entertainment I get from Netflix for the cost isn't even CLOSE to what I could get out of any other medium, unless of course I start going to the library more and reading books every month.


When you finish laughing and your sides are done hurting, go look at the competition. You will notice higher prices, lower quality video, and smaller selection.

Netflix is still, in my opinion, the best solution at the best price point. Netflix makes cutting the cable a realistic option for many.


I cancelled the disc plan I had and am giving Blockbuster a chance. I'm more into new releases at this point, so I'm not too concerned. I also live a short bike ride away from a Blockbuster, so the unlimited in-store exchange is enticing.

Anthony Hayes

Apropos of nothing, here is a picture of a puppy.



Two days is unnecessary. I've always cancelled/started vacation hold the day before my next billing date and have never had a problem. As it so happens my billing date was Sept 1st, so I cancelled yesterday afternoon. (Nothing really to do with the price increase - I've rediscovered the local library's DVDs, plus I've got a lot at home to watch.)


FYI, those that prepaid from before the announcement was made, continue at their old rate until it runs out. (thats what they told me and Im counting on anyway)

So I have a few more months before I have to make a change.

Im on the 3+ streaming for $19.99 for the next 4 months.

Then, my rates go up to what everyone elses are going to be. At that time, I will probably alternate between 2+ streaming one month to 4 by mail only the next month.

Doing that maximizes how much I get for my streaming money. In the months where I have streaming only, I will use it a LOT more, more than twice as much as if I had it every month because I would be competing with the DVDs by mail.

My plan will result in a total per year netflix expense of $251.72 verus $239.88 before the increase. Thats about a 5% increase, something I can live with.

My current issue continues to be LONG WAITS on pretty much EVERY dvd I want to see if I dont get it on monday of the week it comes out.

Its throttling but just for the new releases. They arent holding back sending the next DVD, just the ones I want to see the most, the newer ones.

I reserve the right to cut off by mail completely if this doesnt get better.

I think now that they have divided up mgmt, each side is worried about their bottom line and the DVD side is maximizing profits by reducing the number of DVDs they buy.

So I fear its not going to get any better, and maybe even worse.

If that happens, I will go streaming only and then augment that with an occasional kiosk visit. And really, you can often get free or half price deals from redbox and/or BB express.

The problem with that plan is I wont have access to my DVD queue when its off. So I wont be able to remove DVDs Ive seen. Thats not good.

Shaon Williams

My problem is that they increased the price significantly and gave us nothing in return. Now they loose Starz which actually gives us LESS. So in response I give them less of my money. I downgraded to streaming only now, and I will get disks from redbox.


Shaon Williams,
You say, "they increased the price significantly and gave us nothing in return"

I say, they gave you streaming for nothing. They continued to add streaming content numerous times for nothing.

People have been getting a free ride on streaming for a couple years now, this has undoubtedly aided in adoption of the technology and service. It is only now they have started to charge for streaming.

Peachesxyz Veatch Cppi

My plan is actually going down $1/mo (6 dvd's out + streaming). I was furious when I realized discs weren't available as much anymore and they were shifting their focus to streaming. I travel a lot and in some places, there is no internet coverage (or if there is no wifi available on the plane), so I like to have the discs. I always thought of the streaming part as an added bonus, although, I didn't like the fact that they were delivering their content through the internet I pay for and am limited to possible net slowdowns if used too much.

Netflix does have the best streaming catalog, but Amazon has been acquiring many titles to compete. This may be interesting to see how it plays out and who ends up with the Starz content.

My question is: why is Starz even involved? Why doesn't Netflix go straight to the studios? Guess I just don't quite understand their relationship unless they're the middle man as a distributor?


Someone on the other thread said Starz is only 8% of their catalog. That & the low quality means its not really worth crying about.


I have decided to canceled Netflix for awhile. I don't need them for my Entertainment needs there is plenty of other options. Until I see these changes they are promising with the price increase.

Between the website changes. The old site was awesome, the new changes suck.

They offer disc profile accounts but still no Instant Queues for them.

On TV shows. Why can't they let us pick a show then within that menu pick a season and then an episode and keep per season ratings? Instead of mashing it all together?

Removing the reviewer names. Removing Friends features.

The PS3 UI change.

So this was just the top off for me.

The service seems to be getting crappier.

I might come back in a few Months for streaming. It depends.

Redbox is whipping an all you can stream service: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13506_3-20032749-17.html and so is Blockbuster which is owned by Dish Network: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-09-0 ... tflix.html and http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/207915/ ... -starz.htm

In fact Dish is really trying to turn Blockbuster around and get rid of the bad rep it had: http://www.kndo.com/story/15380440/bloc ... n-business

I'm trying Blockbuster Total Access for 30 days free as they are doing a trial deal to attract ticked Netflix members.

So far I have noticed they have more Blurays along with no 28 day wait on New Releases & the turn around time in my area is the same as Netflix. Plus they offer game rentals which is awesome.

I also still have a local Blockbuster. I checked it out as they offer unlimited in-store exchanges with no due dates. Good for when guests are over or if it's the weekend & I feel like checking out some more new releases.

They are also offering $1 a night rentals like Redbox. So they are trying. Again this is not the old Blockbuster that pissed off a lot of people.

So the future looks interesting. I think I might use Netflix for streaming & Blockbuster for discs. Well see though.

Competition is good so 2012 will be an interesting year....


I still love Netflix & hope they will start making the right choices but they just are doing too much stuff that is irking me right now.

Jette Kernion

We cancelled our DVD-only part of the plan today and were told it would not go into effect until the end of the billing cycle (in two weeks). So as Steve said at the beginning of this thread, you don't need to wait until two days before. You can cancel now and keep receiving physical DVDs until the end of your billing cycle.


Put my account on hold a couple of days before my billing date. The price increase coupled with the fact that if you don't get new releases the moment they come out you're looking at up to a month wait time (e.g. Priest which I got yesterday at Redbox) made me decide to take a break from Netflix. It'll be interesting to see the final numbers (holds/cancellations). I think they estimated 25 million but that seems high to me.

Rick Spies

I changed my Netflix plan to NO Netflix plan.

The massive price increase to retain the same level of service or if you prefer, the huge loss of services to maintain a similar price point, are completely unacceptable and unjustifiable to me.

I choose to vote with my wallet and take my business elsewhere.

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