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What happens when a title that was in your DVD queue is released to streaming? Does it automatically show up in your streaming queue then?


Looks like Columbia House is the latest to take a shot at Netflix...


I changed my plan almost a month ago (from 5 discs to 3). It basically is keeping me on my 5 disc plan until my next billing date, so I don't see why you need to wait until 2 days before.


Someone should design an Netflix-powered app that pulls your queue out into a spreadsheet file. Copy and pasting doesn't work, because it grabs too much extra information.

Andy Cater

@MattChance - If you use Internet Explorer and Excel, you can right click a table (Your Queue) and select export to Excel. It works just fine with the Netflix Queue.


", so I don't see why you need to wait until 2 days before. "

He was referring to if you QUIT. Quitting is effective immediately. Plan changes are at next billing. So if you quit mid-month, you'll lose 1/2 a months service w/o a refund.


What's wrong with the day before?


Go to "Your Queue" page and then do a "Save As" (in the file menu, at least in IE and FF). This will save it on your computer so you can look at it whenever you want, and the links to the movies will still work (the tab that switches to the Instant queue won't work though, so save that as a separate page if you want).


I cancelled my Bluray/DVD service just after Netflix made the announcement. What ticked me off was that we had already paid for the upcoming month, and they dropped my already-paid-for Blu-ray service, but kept me on DVD mailings for the next three weeks....

Jason Kiernan

On a billing date, does Netflix bill for the most recent month, or for the next month? In other words, if my next billing date is Sept. 25, and I'm on streaming + one out at a time, and I change to streaming only on Sept. 23, will can I expect my bill on Sept. 25 to be?


You are billed for "the month in advance". So for you, it would be streaming only at the next billing.

Jason Kiernan

I see. Thanks for the help.

Jen Hansen

I really wish netflix would have told us that we would lose our queue. Might have been nice. Also where exactly did my list of rated movies go?


I cancelled DVDs and went with streaming only. I'm still receiving DVDs until the next account cycle.

You won't lose anything if you cancel early, unless you have the blu-ray option. Netflix immediately removes the blu-ray option and _does not_ provide a refund.


Sorry, just realized this was for people quitting.

I just assumed most people would go with the stream only option.

Chris Wright

My next billing date is August 31st, which is before the prices go up. Will they charge me again on September 1st for the balance of the new 17.98 plan or do I get away with it until September 30th?


They really need to provide a way for cancelled customers to retrieve & maintain their queue even while cancelled.

Another trick for those on the DVD plan is, you can put your account on HOLD for up to 3 months. BUT, you can come back as often as you want and extend it another 3 months.

So you can maintain it forever and not be charged as long as you come back every month or two and extend the date.

I have had an account on hold as desribed above for about 7 months now. I set up an email reminder every 3 weeks to log on & extend the date.

However, If you end up swapping accounts, you may have to call netflix to get streaming to work on the new account. Im not clear on that.

I have some money left on my old account for reasons I wont go into but I do plan to use the money. And NF has offered to swap the credit to my new account if I wanted.

However, In the future, because of extreme throtling, I may be forced to swap back & forth between accounts to trick their system into thinking Im not a heavy user which will then get me titles that I might have to wait months for on my current account.

Its a pity one has to resort to this. But, at the same time, If I was Netflix, I would want to take care of my most profitable customers, those who only rent a handful per month despite paying for lots more.


Chris Wright

You will get your old rate for one more month.

The following month, your rate will increase.


From a marketing standpoint, I don't understand the logic behind completely hiding from the streaming only people what is only available on DVD. If I were doing streaming only (as a new customer) and saw that certain episodes, seasons or just other movies I typed into the search were available on disc but not streaming, I would feel compelled to add a discs plan.



Thats the way i see it too. Have it shaded out and then encourage people to subscribe for just $7.99 per month. (Or $3.48 for the remainder of this month or whatever)

And it works both ways. DVD only subscribers could be encouraged to subscribe to streaming to "watch it now".


BTW, Can you believe NF only has the FULLSCREEN version in the "R" rating of Hannibal Rising!? NO widescreen nor the unrated version. This is a recent movie and NF gets fullscreen versions!? FS TVs haven't been made in a couple of years. It's all widescreen now.

Seems they want to push people to streaming. They are just pushing me to quitting and usenet!!!

Frank Frank

Changed to stream only plan today. Went back to Blockbuster for DVD rentals. We still have Blockbuster stores in Maryland. Netflix will see next quarter earnings decrease by at least 10%. Netflix just lost 50% of my business today.


I didn't realize that if I change plans, it's really active until the next billing date..

Though I sort of have the opposite question as posed above. If I turn off streaming (which I am 99.99% likely to do), will "www.netflix.com" now go back to the NON STREAMING page for me, instead of having to go to http://movies.netflix.com/MemberHome?lnkctr=mhbwse
as a workaround to avoid the awful streaming page.


I don;t care about my queue - I'm not coming back.

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