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Turn Roku into Google TV? Sounds good to me, seeing a show Google TV has been a joke thus far.
I can see Google buying up Roku at some point.

Just as long as they let Roku boxes turn into Google TV boxes.

I'm kind of upset with Roku at the moment. They took a dump all over their existing customers when they released Roku 2 with exclusive features and firmware updates.


The Roku couldn't handle Google TV. Google TV devices use a full CPU, often an Atom based intel model. The Roku doesn't have a true CPU in the modern sense of the word and can only handle rudimentary programing. The video content is delivered via a GPU instead, which is also why they can't add codec support. The codecs are hardware based.

I agree the Netflix / Roku issue was wrong. I went out and purchased a Logitech Revue and Sony Streaming Media Player rather than buy a Roku. They allowed Netflix to promise new features only to keep it a secret we'd have to buy the new box to get those features.


I ditched my Roku for a WD Live box. Got tired of waiting for Roku to implement subtitles and 5.1. Lots of promises, no action.

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