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sand monkeys don't need netflix


In order to expand into Japan and South Korea Netflix will need to invest huge amounts of there money into new content that those people will want to watch. I don't know where they will get that kind of extra money without raising the rates on the US customer. I mean there stock value would really take a hit if they don't think to raise the price on US customers before they do that. I hope the price doesn't go up but it probably will! OH wait, it did! And will we get new and better content? Fuck No! South America and fucking Korea will get a shit ton of Jakie fucking chan shit.


The two previous commenters disgust me and make me feel afraid for the people of the United States. I was really hoping HackingNetflix.com wouldn't allow that kind of trash posted on their website.


you are correct .
the 2 previous comments were written by what you would refer to as white trash

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