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Until vudu offers an unlimited plan at a decent price, netflix does not have much to worry about. Only way I will use it is for the .99 cents deal. Note that the HDX audio does not work via web browser.

Noor Almtowaq

Wait Wait Wait How does this VUDU will kill Netflix in the war?

I mean 3.99 for sd 4.99 for HD 5.99 HDX so that means if i want to watch a movie. I got to 4.99 each day thats comes to 150 bucks a month to enjoy stuff or wait make that five each that 500 bucks a month.

Netflix has 100,000 titles i can watch buffy like 100 times a day. I can watch Disney shows 200 times a day. Because see 7.99 a month is unlimited to watch anything.

So netflix will win because i am not stupid to pay 200 bucks a month.


Total fail. Go away Walmart.


Vudu had always compared the availability of their movies with Netflix (way before their partnership with Walmart).
Walmart is ABSOLUTELY NOT the owner of Vudu, they have a partnership and Walmart is using Vudu's service to provide VOD to their customers.

Vudu is a really good service, the quality of their streaming is really really good and YES it's a Netflix killer in some way like every VOD services are. Vudu offers movies on demand the same day of the DVD/BR release, how long do we have to wait to get a movie on Netflix? I love the fact that Netflix has a unlimited plan, but I'm really not sure that's something the other brands will offer. Licenses are really pricy and provide oldies ...

Someone who works, and have other things to do except watching TV may be please to pay 10 bucks to watch only 2 NEW movies in the month instead of 10 bucks for oldies ...

I love netflix streaming service and I think it's great, but imagine you have cable or satellite with a good package (with Starz, Showtime, HBO, Epix, Cinemax etc) for I don't know $90/month, do you prefer to pay 10 bucks more for oldies onNetflix and watch 2 movies or $10 or less on a really new movie on Vudu ?
Since I have cable I personally prefer to rent one or 2 movies sometimes, and since that I got FiOS TV I cancelled my Netflix subscription.

It depends of every needs, if you are single, a couple with or with kids, you don't have the same needs.


PS: Am I the only one to think that comment like the one written by Vio is just really stupid ?

Justin Hinkle

Walmart acquired Vudu in March of 2010. Walmart OWNS Vudu.


This is kind of stupid if you ask me. I'm on Vudu looking for a movie and just before I rent it they remind / inform me of Netflix? Sure they don't have that movie, but why remind the customer of the competition? There's a reason that advertisers rarely mention the competition, because all it ends up doing is creating brand awareness.

It's funny how companies are getting around Apple's attempts to steal revenue also.


@Justin: yes, thanks for having corrected me, my mind was thinking about another service while I was writing and I didn't re-read my post before to press the "post" button.


There is a difference between a "killer" and competition. This in no way would put Netflix out of business, it's simply a supplemental service that can be used to get newer releases quicker. I think at this point people are using multiple services to fulfill their needs, i.e. Netflix + Amazon, Netflix +VOD, etc. They can co-exist without putting each other out of business.

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