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"create a site that stores your DVD queue"

All DVD-related features of the API are being discontinued, so after October 14th that won't be possible. Even if you have DVD service, the only way to see or manage your queue will be through the Netflix website.


Until NF's streaming matches their DVD selection, I WON'T be going streaming. I'll be switching to DVD only by the end of Aug. before the price increase. I'll actually save money with NF.

With streaming titles coming and going, expiring quickly; I'll stick with DVDs.

NF will loose money on me thanks to their new pricing YET save me $3 a month as I only streamed 4-5 movies a year.

So... I won't lose my queue at all!


3.00 is dern near a gallon of gas


BoB, I think that is the best choice. Streaming is a great add on, but new movies are what people were always looking for when they went to the local video store to rent. Netflix DVD has the new movies, the old movies, and the best depth of independents and foreign movies. I still would think DVD's would be what the main stream would be looking for. You could get them other places, but unless you are an infrequent watcher Netflix still offers the most economical choice.

I am quitting for a bit, but I will probably go back in 6 months or so and move around from streaming to DVD depending on what is available.


This is a mistake on Netflix's part.

One should not lose the ability to see or manange their queue. It should be shaded out and used as an incentive/advertisment to resubscribe.


I'll stick with their mailed DVD service and get rid of their streaming service. Many times movies or tv shows in my streaming queue are taken down after certain dates. Whats the point of saving movies in my Q there? I have so much saved up in my streaming Q, that I just dont have the time to get around to watching it in a timely manner, and they go away before I've had a chance to watch it.

And their streaming content is limited. That is, I mean many of the content available they have on DVD disc, they simply dont have in streaming at all. So I'll have a much wider variety with the DVDs.

And, there are many others providing streaming, or going to. Many for free. Hulu anyone?


I'm going to stick with streaming at least for the time being. What I want to know is what happens when something in my DVD queue goes streaming? Will it automatically be added to my streaming queue?

Tony Contini

Will I cancel, no, because it's only a few dollars more versus going to Redbox each week.

However, if Netflix doesn't seriously increase the quantity and quality of the streaming service within the next few quarters (after the boost from the rate increases) then I'm seriously going to have to consider alternatives.

I really, really wish that they would have grandfathered in the people who where behind Netflix, both DVD & Streaming, back when people weren't sure of the company.

Companies reward 'investors' when they hit it big, they should have rewarded the customers who got them there.


@Tony - That doesn't really make sense, does it? Investors take a risk, all you did was pay for a service. I'm pretty sure you weren't saying "this isn't really worth it to me, but I want to help out Netflix".


People that pay for a service are not investors, they are customers. Customers did not risk losing their money but putting it into the company to spend it.

Netflix is rewarding customers by offering more access to content through streaming, something that was not available when those long time customers started with them.

Donald P Hyams

FWIW: Some time ago, I'd read that some Netflix users had problems with their queues. Since then, I periodically "print" my queues for safekeeping. (I actually save a tree or two by "printing" them directly to PDF files using a free PDF generating program)


Donald, you win the "Common Sense" award for the day. You just have to visit your queue and use your browser's "Save Page" function to save it to your computer, and you'll have your queue complete with links to the Netflix page for each disc. Yes, you'll have to add them to your queue again if you ever restart a disc plan, but you don't have to add them all at the same time. Just add a few for the top of the queue and go from there. Sorry, I know people like to complain about these things, but I can't really see where it's a big deal.


If the queue is being saved anyway, I don't see the point of them making it invisible to us just because we are only streaming. I don't plan on only streaming forever, just when its convenient for me. I don't always have time to watch rented dvd's. Some months are slower for me and I will have time to rent. I've always enjoyed how flexible Netflix is as far as changing plans whenever I want. I would still like the ability to add dvd's to a queue for future rental. I called them last week to give them my opinion on the topic and hopefully the powers that be will take that into consideration.

Brad F

This doesn't make sense to me. When you put your account on hold for a few months, you still have access to your DVD queue. You can add/delete/reorder it so it's ready when you come back. They should use the same model when you're on a streaming only plan. You know, base it on the assumption that you may activate DVDs again in the future, rather than pretending they ONLY offer streaming.

Since Netflix offers NO discount for the combination plan, I'm considering maintaining two separate accounts: one for DVDs and one for streaming. That way I can start and stop each one independently, based on my current viewing demands. The only downside here is maintaining two logins, two queues, etc.


When on a streaming only plan, can DVDs not available for streaming be "Saved" for when they become available?


just tried 2 watch "Misery" & "Winters Bone"...neither will play on my Roku....just keeps restarting...


2 years is at least 1 marketing generation from now.. so the current execs at netflix that support this ingenious 60% price raise will probably feel a shift in the winds by that time. I expect that they will find a way to "lower their prices" and make DVD subscriptions affordable by that time. If they don't, for a 1 month fee of $8, you can re-up once in the next 24 months.

What I will say, is that now that I am streaming-only (I immediately cancelled DVDs so that I didn't forget) I am disappointed in the interface and in the (in)ability to "save" titles that are currently unavailable via streaming. Netflix ought to fix that simply by merging queues for streaming-only customers.


We've gone "Netflix-free" here since they announced the huge rate hike. However I still want to be able to keep a queue of movies I'm interested in watching. If there's anyone else out there in the same situation here's a web site where you can maintain your own watch list of movies (both in theaters and on DVD) and it will even keep track of which ones are showing in theaters near you. ...and it's free.



I just quit Netflix effective Sept 4th.


This does seem odd. I had Blockbuster Online 3 or 4 years ago and I still have full access to my queue there. I have no plans to go back with BB but at least I can add movies that are not available thru NF - mainly older out-of-print movies and see if they are available. As others have said, it would make sense to keep the queue active as an incentive to resubscribe. But Netflix and common sense don't seem to be getting along lately.

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