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I find that hard to believe.

Regardless, many wont stay for 2-3 day turnarounds versus 1 at netflix.

NF wins out for now.

But, I welcome the competition. Consumers need it for the best deals.


For me the speed of shipping is as fast as Netflix in my area.

Plus no 28 day wait for New Releases & more Blu-Ray titles it seems.

However it's not perfect as some TV show seasons are lacking which proves neither has it all but for me Blockbuster wins for Blu-Ray.

Netflix is still it for Streaming. Still has plenty of TV shows and Movies.

Well see in a few Months how Qwikster stacks up. Give it time to build up a library of titles.


The 2-3 day turn around for some will end. As Dish works on improving the Shipping centers I am sure.


I left Netflix for Blockbuster in 2008 for a few months because I liked the idea of returning the envelopes for in-store rentals. That made it worth having. When they dropped that aspect, it wasn't worth keeping anymore. Delivery was slow and they were constantly losing DVDs. And when DVDs went missing they'd try to charge 60 bucks for movies and 80 bucks for a TV disc and I'd have to have long dragged out fights with customer service trying to prove I returned the damn things. I went back to Netflix once in-store returns went away and I don't see myself leaving for another service ever again. I have never had one single customer service type problem with Netflix and I've been there since 2002.

Of course now Blockbuster has brought back in store exchanges seeing as how it's impossible to find Blockbuster stores.


Most of those customers are just experimenting; from what I could tell most aggravated with Netflix have general tastes in movies anyway and rate their experiences based on the availability of new releases.
I had Blockbuster Online first starting in 2005 and after getting Netflix, kept it around for a few years for the few selections Netflix did not have, until that ceased to be worth it. The turnaround time was too long and a lot of movies, which were unpopular non-new releases, had very long waits or were actually unavailable. In-store trade-ins don't matter to me since there isn't a store near me anymore and I don't want to go anywhere to stop, park, browse. It may have changed now but I'm not willing to try it out again. I'll stick with Netflix/Qwikster and use Amazon Prime.


Isn't Dish/Blockbuster free for a year with a certain level of Dish service?

Nick Ronin

Unfortunately math and numbers can be interpreted in many different ways. On the surface those figures do not indicate the actual number of Netflix escapees. And to add the mix, did that many individuals flee an $8 DVD/streaming split, only to incur the much higher cost of a Dish installation, a monthly satellite bill, taxes and miscellaneous add-on fees, and the privilege to lose a signal whenever it rains, just to spite Netflix? Tell me you joined Amazon Instant Video because you also get free two day shipping or one day shipping for $3.99, but jumping to Dish/Blockbuster and a monthly satellite bill over an additional $8 doesn't make you the winner.

Robert Emmerich

BB gained 500,000 new subscribers while Dish is giving away 90 NINETY day free trials. I don't know how many subscribers Dish has but the article really needs to have it in there. If Dish has 1 million than half have signed up already, if Dish has 5 million than only 10% so far, with the potential for 90% more.

I'm really more interested in seeing - going forward - how many new subscribers Dish gets, as they get 1 year of BB free, so those people may not need NF (or AMZ Prime) for a year.

As others have said, the 3 BB stores near me are gone now, so I've kinda lost interest in them.


And then in the next month Blockbuster will lose those 500k when they remember what a late fee is.

Fred Talmadge

Please report back in a few monthes how those numbers change or don't.


Nick Ronin I don't know if you've ever had satellite service. but it's on a rare very rare occassion such as a summer monsoon only do I ever lose reception and that's just for a few minutes. I had my service back faster after the hurricane abated then the people who had cable. Mine was only gone for minutes not days. Took days for the cable companies to restring the cable. Don't know what planet you live on. Perhaps you actually fell for those old cable commercials that claimed exactly what you said.


Ronald, I don't know where you live but I can tell you from personal experience that the slightest rain here knocks out sat service. I've even had it stop before the rain got here. It's not just hype or something the cable companies made up.

I'm told that DirectTV is better than Dish about that however. Which do you have? The guy at the electronics store said it was because of the angle of the dish and the storm clouds.


I have a BB near me and go there once a week plus i have bb online i hate streaming and they do what i need new movies without the 28day delay! Streamflix will not last much longer so i am glad bb is still there!


I am one of those new Blockbuster customers. I pay more than I would with Netflix for dvd only. And yes the shipping tends to take longer. But I am perfectly content. Why? Because I am not treated with contempt by Blockbuster as I felt I was a Netflix customer. And I am not putting money into anything owned by Reed Hastings.

D. Shanklin

We have not received a netflex for 40 days, yet we were charged for 2. what is going on???????

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I'll stick with netflix

I know netflix does show contempt for its cust for raising prices. I would stop using them as well. Just like i have stopped using gas, milk and any other consumer product that has raised it's prices due to market fluctuation. I mean when they have to pay 30 mil per movie in the dream works contract 9 bucks a month just makes me think they have all this extra money sitting around doesn't it. But we all bitch that they don't have the newest content don't we. So they did something about it and here comes the content. your right peter it makes sense to pay more for worse service. have fun with that. With that logic anything that has raised a price i would boycott. Y don't you look at bb business practices with late fees on the internet and we will see who is the better company. I'll take a price increase to get more streaming titles over dishonest business.


I will gladly take a price increase with more streaming titles available as well...wait, ive gotten the price increase so where are my titles. Ah now the flaw, while NF loves to raise rates (as evidenced this last year 2x) they seemingly do not like to spend any of that cash adding to the library and keeping customers happy. I am hard pressed to EVER go to BB but if NF wants to keep adding fees and keeping loyal customers they have to get with it and add some new titles, not new releases but new titles would be helpful!

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