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Good. NetFlix has gotten too arrogant. They desperately need some direct competition.


I bet its not a deal for those without dish.

I know, I know, 6 months at a low rate and then they jack the price up 225%.


Who cares. Go away Blockbuster.


While I welcome a competitor to Netflix my guess is you have to be a Dish subscriber to use the service on your TV, it will probably be PC and mobile only without a Dish subscription. On the plus side Blockbuster has always had a cozy relationship with the studios so they might have more new release movies.


Glad that a real competitor shows up, I was thinking to cancel my subscription by the end of the year, instead of just cancel it I will maybe switch to Blockbuster if the prices are good and if it's reserved to Dish subscribers.


if it's NOT reserved to Dish subscribers.


I laughed when the article said "second-largest US-satellite TV" as if this were an amazing thing. Tell me again how many satellite TV providers there are in this country?

Edward R Murrow

The victor of this battle will be the company that has the coolest content to stream.


"aims to boost its subscribers by offering the online service with its pay-TV packages, said the person. Non-Dish customers who only want Blockbuster's offering will eventually be able to do so, the person said."

Sam Carruth

DISHonline has been around for months. Nothing very impressive.


dishonline wants $4.99 for a new release instant watch, $6.99 for HD.

They are going to have to do a LOT better to pull people away from netflix.

Not only that, can I get their stuff on my TV via my roku ?

I doubt I am leaving NF anytime soon.

You know what I hate about Dish & those like them ? When they have very pushy salesman working the isles at samsclub harrasing customers.

Thats as much Sams problem though, We dont pay $40-60 a year to get harrased by commisisoned salespeople.


Good news. Netflix has been going downhill lately.. not only in their DVD/Blu-ray division but the streaming service has gone downhill. A ton of good stuff just expires now and never comes back. I used to look forward to the monthly major updates and now they're pretty awful. Not much good ever comes out anymore. They've seemingly gotten cocky. They need somebody to hurt them a bit so hopefully they get back on their game.


Just read initally the srvice will be for dish customers only. In time not stated it'll become available to everyone else. sorry I don'tremember where Iread this.

John Berry

I hope the new streaming service does not affect only dish network customers. I am ready for a new streaming competitor. Netflix is a movie watcher nightmare.

Steve Lumley

I welcome new competition to Netflix, maybe it will work out better for it's customers.

Steve Vaughan

I, for one, welcome our new media streaming overlords...

Freya Sanders

My opinion is likely to be a bit bias...I've had dish for over a year, and I work at Blockbuster as well. We've been anxiously awaiting streaming...and I'm glad that I will no longer have to tell my customers it's just a rumor! I don't know any more than is stated here though...I just can't wait! With our lowered prices, new plans, and everything...it's such an exciting time for us! I love it!

Bobby McDaniel Jr

Goodbye Netflix! Hello Blockbuster

Bobby McDaniel Jr

We Will! We We Will! Smash You Netflix

Bobby McDaniel Jr

Come On Everyone Sing It! Everyone Knows the Song

We Will! We Will! Smash You

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