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That is nuts. There is no way this wouldn't backfire. It'd be one thing to say "Are you leaving NetFlix? Tweet about it and we'll give you free year", but to try to bribe people (even non-journalists) is too stupid.

Not to mention the fact that it's a really bad bribe. Could they even think anyone would bite for so cheap a prize?


Whoever did this will get fired.



No reporter with "integrity" would go for that.

Of course, all do not have integrity.


This answers the question about BB leadership at least. They are still as stupid as they were before the buyout. Now they will just kill Dish along with themselves. Face it, Dish is another outdated technology trying to hold on to the past.


I have to agree, that until Satellite and Cable providers offer ala cart channels their numbers will fall.


Huh. Twitter is a good medium to spread the news of Blockbuster being cheaper for an all-in-one package and the convenience of the Blockbuster Movie Pass for joining DISH Network since it’s all on one bill for free for 12 months. My employee account will have the BBMP on it starting today because I already subscribe to the Platinum movie pass so I get it free indefinitely. I have to admit though many are loyal to Netflix and I wonder what it will take to leave them. Any comments guys for what it would take for you?


Wow this is a strategy that might or might not work but I don’t understand why they need to at least with the deals DISH Network is giving for the Blockbuster movie pass. The Blockbuster movie pass allows customers to not only get movies by mail with over 100,000 titles to choose from but it allows customers to stream up to 3,000 movies to your TV and 4,000 movies to your PC. Working for DISH Network I can say that Blockbuster gets new releases 28 days before Netflix and Redbox does so come check this out http://www.dishsupport.com/1316889109988.html.


@Gman, I am incredibly satisfied with Netflix streaming. They could charge $30 a month and I'd still subscribe to streaming only because it is so valuable to me. I am always watching something, usually TV series and anime series.

I do not give a damn about new releases as most of them are shit anyway. If they are worth my time, I'll just rent them on my AppleTV for $4.

I can't imagine any reason why I'd go to Blockbuster.


Can't we delete the spam. Gman and Nate seem like bots, at least Nate is. No one asked about the release window or anything. We were talking about bribing journalists which is not only wrong, but also illegal in many cases.

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events they deem newsworthy, would be the best figures to attempt to


I think some of these people are hired by work from home companies. It is obvious what they are typing is either scripted or coached. There are post like that all over the internet in every story where comments are permitted.

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wow, this is really nuts. Who would do it for 1 year of free subscribtion to Blockbuster? I have free movies at http://wwww.downloadmoviesforfree.net all the time without any tweets or anything like that.
This idea is gross.


wow, guess the spam bots are human as they have to type the codes in at the end of each post in order for them to be posted or is that just me? Anyway as for blockbuster im of the mindset that if it aint broke dont fix it, while I do agree NF has some small issues for example the fee structure or lack of streaming available I have been burned by Blockbuster more then once growing up and do not care to repeat my mistakes..that being said it is especially not appealing to see a company stoop to such things as bribery to journalists to endorse said product or company when instead they could come to the consumer and offer something so undenyable great that everyone jumps ship over to the newest, greatest etc...

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