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Is the BB streaming as good as netflixes ?

As deep ?

With the 2-3 day turnaround for shipping, and the $30 per month dish service, this is not a deal for anyone except those already on dish who doesnt care about 2-3 day turnarounds.

In other words, maybe a half million people max.

This doesnt scare netflix and its no big profit center for dish/bb.


I am never paying for satellite or cable tv again. Netflix is great (even with our limited selection in Canada), and I can find any TV show that I want by typing it's title + streaming into Google.


i wouldn't give dish network the time of day .
same goes for directv...

Karen Lee

I own a DirecTV dish and receiver. Haven't used it in over 2 yrs. Will never use it again with current pricing models.

Same goes for Dish.


Same old Blockbuster! Anybody that leaves Netflix and signs up for this crap, deserves to be screwed for being stupid. This is only good for exsisting Dish subscribers.

Steve Wille

I've had Dish for eight years now with zero issues. I'm going to sign up for this, drop to streaming only on Netflix (my son loves the kids selections), and still save a few bucks per month.


I have had Dish for around 10 years, almost as long as Netflix.

I have had almost zero issues, and if any it's with hardware and they fix it, no problem. Just like lots of things are only on DVD (not streaming) a fair amount of stuff is simply not on even DVD.

I only use it with the DVR, and always have. No flopping in front of the TV, but entirely planned watching. For the better part of the year I've also been using the DishOnline service (and it's predecessor) and a Sling device you plug into the PVR. Now, I can watch my TV or a pretty decent selection of shows, streaming from the volcano base or from my home.

DishOnline is sorta junky in some ways, but the new announcement gives me hope. Queue is good. Suspect it'll get the development resources to bugfix. I strongly suspect I'll be dropping NF and going with this service. Disappointed, but NF doesn't seem to want me anymore.

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