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Smy Lee

What? American courts submitting rulings that favor, even in guilt, major corporations? Say it ain't so~

Robert Emmerich

Until Vudu gets a subscription plan (and a name that doesn't make most of middle America think of Louisiana zombies) it is not a competitor to NF. Walmart should spend all of it's marketing $ on PS3 users. I use it all the time for trailers and it's at a competitive price to Sony's video service.

I'm still waiting for a true NF competitor. Hulu Plus needs more content (they really need to add all Hulu content to Plus ASAP), and to drop the commercials, if I want commercials I can watch Crackle for free (also on the PS3.) Amazon Prime needs a queue, an alphabetical listing, and a monthly option. I'm not an Apple fanboi but I'm still waiting for them to announce a subscription plan, maybe with Apple TV V. And I'm still waiting for cable and satellite to announce subscription plans. I know content providers don't want to give stuff away, but people aren't buying 70's, 80's ad 90's films on blu-ray (SW excepted), might as well get something for them. I know my wife is waiting for the John Hughes channel.


$27.5 million divided by 40 million is .68 per subscriber, how can I spend spend all that money?(rolls eyes)


Besides Vudu doesn't rent DVD/BD or have an all-you-can-eat streaming service.

Netflix should just settle and move on.

Account Deleted

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I would have rather seen that money go to netflix so they could buy up more content for south Africa.

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