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I just don't get the war over Starz. Their content is horrible and the quality is even worse. Who cares? Good luck, Dish, maybe the people who actually want to see White Chicks, Prince of Persia and Step Up 3 will dump Netflix for you.

Personally I think this is nothing but good news for Netflix. The money they had penciled in for Starz can now go toward something better.


You don't think with the new deal Starz gets that they might fix the quality? Well see.


Blockbuster/Dish/Starz would have to come up with one heck of a deal to peel me away from Netflix. Some of the Starz content is OK, but the quality of the streams absolutely sucks. Besides.... there isn't one movie available on Starz, that I cannot get from the Netflix DVD service.

Especially since every Blockbuster in my area has closed it's doors. They just do not have the distribution Netflix does.

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