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Pat Billone

Really? They should have another survey. Do you choose HBO or Netflix? I dropped HBO a few months ago when the prices increased again. I would choose Netflix over HBO any day of the week. Sure, HBO has some decent shows and gets some newer movies to premiere each week but netflix more than outweighs the content area in streaming alone as well as renting DVD's (even with a 28 day delay). Any movie I truly want to see I will rent before it is on HBO anyway. In fact, since dropping HBO, they have not premiered a movie I cared to see or one I haven't seen already. Many people complain about the streaming content on Netflix but I have no problem with the selection of shows and children content as well as movies. Sure, I'd love to see this summers movies streaming online but it isn't going to happen and HBO won't get those until next summer. By then, I will have rented those that I did not see. To me, Netflix is more than worth the price compared to HBO, which are only seperated by about $1 per month.

Karen Lee

Way back when I got DirecTV the first time I had free everything for awhile. What I noticed most was that channels like HBO, Starz, Encore et al showed the same movies over and over and over for very long times. Once you watch what you want to, it's a long time before something new comes along.

I cut the cord over 2 yrs ago have had Netflix over 3 years and never looked back to cable, or TV itself for that matter. Up here you either have satellite or cable or no TV at all. Nothing over the air up here.

Streaming up here is difficult so by mail is the best option for me. If that goes away I have no options left, all the video stores are now closed since Hollywood went away.

With that in mind I looked at the Blockbuster site yesterday. They are more expensive on all the disc by mail plans and the site is still difficult to navigate to find things. Push comes to shove if I want to watch movies or old TV series that would be where I would have to go. I sincerely hope that does not happen.

HBO? Never will I have cable or satellite service again, unless they start ala carte programming.

Edward R Murrow

Ten minutes away from watching season premier of Boardwalk Empire on HBO. Enjoy the streaming selection available on Netflix.

Pat Billone

Thanks Ed...I enjoy streaming everyday. Got in some Breaking Bad and Mad Men last night. Enjoy Boardwalk.

Steve Wille

Very nice of you, Ed. I got a free preview of HBO this past weekend, so I DVRed the entire first season of Boardwalk Empire and the season premiere. Enjoy paying for HBO.

Edward R Murrow

Boardwalk Empire season premier was awesome! HBO continues to have the best content - 19 Emmys for 2011? Really?

Roy Watts

I'd be fine paying for HBO if I didn't have to pay for "extended premium plus" cable or whatever they're calling it these days as well. I love their original programming but it's not worth the nearly $200 a month Comcrap charges for both cable and internet.

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