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James Heartney

Really glad I don't own any Netflix stock. Seems like they are trying to drive it into the ground.


Yeah its like Reed is crumbling under pressure lately. To split the company is a bad move. What was he thinking?


LOL at the Qwikster Twitter account.

Oh man that's hilarious.

Robert Emmerich

They deserve worse. This is actually funny. (Well no I wouldn't normally think a stoner's tweets were funny, but NF picking that name makes them so.)

The "Qwikster" name is so bad the twitter account should have belonged to Casey Anthony.

Brian Hard

I'm pretty sure Netflix doesn't really happen to care about the Quickster end of the business so Twitter is pointless to them on that end. The split is allowing them to prune the DVD business when it's ready to go. It's a funny story but no one will convince Netflix to do anything about this.


looks like they will be using @QwiksterDVD


@brian...exactly. Splitting the DVDs into its own brand will make it easier to dump and to forget.

Using the Netflix brand to stream makes sense to keep since it's branded on all kinds of devices already.

This, for me, signals the end for Netflix. I'm already streaming more from Amazon. The only reason I became a NF member in the first place was for the hard-to-find titles. Going streaming only really only offers never-heard-of titles.


I just wasn't expecting to come here to see Elmo with a blunt.

Neither was I expecting to see Netflix split the DVD/BLU-RAY business so soon.

Odd times indeed.


Looking at his tweets.

Don't know how accurate it is. This is kinda hard to understand.

It looks like he has gotten offers for the name.



If they just HAD to change the name, why a -ster? Why not QuickFlix or DiscFlix? So dumb.


Looks like he sold his name.


Okay.... Guess he didn't? His account was offline or private on the 20th.

Eh, oh well.

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