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Was Hastings drink New Coke as he hatched this plan?


I'ts possible they have been planning it since the price hike from about a year ago. But only recently decided on the name and such that required the trademark filing. The logo similarity may be nothing more than the choice in font. Not sure how that plays into things. And that movie site I've found that when searching for movie info when trying to find movies no available from netflix in any form that I may be able to buy or rent elsewhere. The thing is I figured it to be a pirate front. Google search (is "qwixter.com" legal) results in indications that the domain is expired. One would expect that if it was a legitimate business search results would contain details about the company and customer experiences or anything similar. To me the lack of info one way or the other puts up a red flag to me. This may be one of the reasons they proceeded with the name. I think it is catchy sounding and they didn't want it to sound too much like their streaming streaming division which is retaining the netflix name. So that customers aren't "confused". As it would seem netflix customers are easily confused as per the excuse about the saved queue change.


the stupid part of the name is that a majority of people, even those who have seen "Qwikster" are not going to be able to correctly spell it on the first try.

I guess the search engine can then take over and ask what we are looking for though.

Still cant get over the non-intergration for customers of both. 12 million subscribers are going to be inconvienced with separate queues & billing and, the credit card processing costs to both are going to be much higher than they could be.

For example, businesses are often charged a flat fee plus a % of the dollar amount.

So, lets say its 20 cents plus 2% for a large company like NF. Thats an extra 20 cents times 12 million subscribers per month.

And it could be avoided via a simple, monthly transfer between sister companies.
Thats a wasted $2.4 million per month if my 20 cents is correct. I think paypal charges something like 29 cents plus a larger than 2% fee. So I assumed that with scale, NF would get a better rate.

Gee, wonder if they would hire me as VP of COMMON SENSE ?

They clearly do not seem to have much of that over there.

Randy Harmelink

Qwikster seems inappropriate since streaming is quicker than DVDs by mail.

Perhaps NetFlix (via the Net) and MailFlix (via the Mail)? :(

I immediately canceled my streaming service. No way I'm going to do ratings/searches/queues on two separate sites. Most of the recent additions to streaming have been documentaries or TLC/Disc/PBS television shows.

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