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Since every website out there is afraid of bots - someone smart should make a bot that auto-searches for the exact title they want to see on Netflix 100 times a day (or more, whatever suits you), whether it's "Saveable" or isn't on the site at all.

This is the only other "metric" they're going to have, because mindreading isn't yet possible over the intranet. Problem solved.


“We have different metrics for streaming, but we don’t disclose them.”

I think these days it's all about the money and larger deals that involves packages of a large number of films. Ergo, Netflix is becoming very similar to the crappy ecosystem that cable and satellite inhabit where they are forced to pay for channels they don't want to get the shit they do want.

In the end, Netflix stopped fighting the studios and gave in. It's all about the dollar now. I imagine it's much harder for independently distributed films to get Netflix's attention these days...

Fred Talmadge

Still wasn't it just last week Netflix CEO said that independent films were an important part of their business. I'm surely more interested in them compared to what's coming out of "hollywood" these days.


This pretty much renders my Facebook group, NETFLIX INDEPENDENTS, useless. We try to point folks to upcoming independently released titles to create interest by saving them to your queue. Based on this, what's the point?

Jamie Abbott

I have been a member of Netflix since 2002 and the primary holding power has been the Indy films. I am very confused and seriously considering how to end my account my account but I feel trapped with my 1400 ratings the keep track of stuff I have watched already.


Netflix is being so selective anymore, that I had to end my membership. The smaller titles are what I had gone to Netflix for.
But , they aren't that small, take my Doctor Who (the old stuff). They aren't just getting the old stuff,because they feel that they have other titles of the series they don't need to carry them all.
If there wasn't a demand for them, the BBC wouldn't make them. And if you don't believe me check out Doctor Who on the search our library tab, and see how many of those titles are SAVE (but not availible)


I agree with the above poster Samjoe in the fact that I love BBC shows and do not think BBC would continue making shows if NO one watched them, in terms of inde films some of them are better then the "so called" blockbusters and I prefer them more too, granted some are not always good but especially when there is already a lack of good titles on NF it would be great if they kept to the something for everyone mantra they used to go with.

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