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Mark Van Dyke

Check your spelling (availabel).



I suspect the split will let NetFlix sidestep the law.


You know gir, that actually makes sense. Hulu has facebook connections, that I'm guessing shares your video viewing (never tried it myself). I don't think they have been sued over sharing it.


Yeah, this is what I want from NF! Not entertainment content like great movies and shows, documentaries, and lost gems.

NOOOOOOOO, I want another outlet for some &^&$%^# social networking crud!!!

I want to enjoy entertainment, not see what some other fool is watching or cares about!

NF was the home of the 1-stop alternative to cable/satellite. Now they are just becoming a joke.

See ya in 10 days NF!


Hey.. is this a preview of a new Netflix.com website layout?

John White

Yeah, I can't wait until the day when tons of people roll out of bed in the morning, login to Facebook and come to the sudden realization that every one of their friends, family and coworkers now know that they were watching Redneck Vampire Whores from Alpha Centauri last night.

There's a reason this law was put on the books. Most people are fairly secretive about the freaky, depraved, skanky things they do in the privacy of their own homes. Netflix logs a good chuck of it and Facebook desperately wants to flaunt that to the world.

If I want to recommend a movie or show to my friends, I'll post it myself -- preferably after I've seen it, not during. I don't need or want Netflix and Facebook putting it all on display and selling it to every frickin' last partner and company on the web.

Mike Ekholm

FYI, Netflix may be using this as a way to sell your personal data....
With this amendment Title 18, Section 2710(b)(2) would read:
(2) A video tape service provider may disclose personally identifiable information concerning any consumer—
(A) to the consumer;
(B) to any person with the informed, written consent (including through an electronic means using the Internet) of the consumer given at one or both of the following times:
`(i) The time the disclosure is sought.
`(ii) In advance for a set period of time or until consent is withdrawn by such consumer.'.

two things can now occur:
1. Netflix can update its terms of service to say "you grant netflix to share XXXXX information until your account is terminated"
2. Once you are presented a form of tiny 6 point type disclaimers when you go to connect your facebook account to your netflix account, you are given written consent. When you enter your netflix account information to enable the account sharing after that disclosure, you authorize the sharing of your private data, until "you withdraw consent" which may be remove the access from facebook. One of the largest advertising Internet company now has every netflix movie, and show _you_ have ever watched and how you rated them, best of all - it is not tied to some random number like the rest of the data Netflix sells.

Walt D in LV

I guess this is what Netflix' is doing to bring back their fantastically amazing Friends feature(s). I just hope they incorporate it with "Qwikster" as well.

I don't stream. I don't plan on streaming (the quality is not that of Blu-ray). Therefore, as much as I truly love, LOVED the Friends feature, I will not be able to partake in this new version as I'm a Blu-ray guy, and therefore, I guess, Qwikster user.

John White

If they get this thing passed, it'll probably end up working similar to that Beacon system that FB had going on a few years ago. Even if you choose to opt out of sharing your Netflix data with your friends, that data will probably still be passed on to FB, who will turn around and share it with every partner and affiliate they have (aka, everybody).

Justin Hinkle

no thanks. I don't want to be THAT social about what I watch. Do people really care how often I watch and rewatch the Office (or how many times my boys watch Wonder Pets?).


Not convinced that people want to share everything they watch as they watch it. Hopefully they will have more fine-tuned controls. For now friendsonnetflix.com is still a good alternative. Sharing only what you rate, when you rate it... and can work without Facebook.

Clay and Deanne Broughton

Just finished the live stream of Dish’s press conference. Well I am not going to sign up for Dish bundle pure and simple.

Clayton is a dinosaur of a CEO heading up a technology type produce that needs to adapt faster. Don’t see it with this anchor of a CEO. His executives are so classic it is almost like an old cartoon. You noticed the Blockbuster was getting the most questions. I feel a bit duped by Joe and his Dish crew. Yeah stay tuned…right.

Here was a big opportunity and they had to use it for trying to sell an old concept with a few new features that most folks don’t want to pay the high prices for. OMG that marketing guy was sooo classic. Avoid the reality and just keep talking the talk. Wow where is Sinatra and the pack rat since the Dish pack rat is sooo dated in the product, the pitch and the response.

Most Americans are feeling the pitch in the pocket book. They aren’t going in droves to sign up for Dish. They also are not going to wait either. They are going to figure out something else in the mean time. For me I think it would be wise to be me the DVR from Channel Master and use that until the streaming wars has a winner. Both losers right now.

I hear some say well Netflix is the only game in town and I what I say to that is well until which part gets sold? Will it be before February or after? In the meantime I have to hassle with two accounts and my ratings disappear and more and more hassle for more and more money?

If they needed more money they they should have fore casted a bit better and any fool, yeah fool knows you can't just jack the price up 60% without repercussions. Please some whining how hard it is to run a video empire George Bush wanna be. "It's hard it's really really hard". Well stop making it harder than it needs to be.

There was no other reason to divide it up but to sell off a part of it. So that means if Amazon buys it up Bezos will decide how much you pay and he is greedy guy. He also was not that great in getting content and you think he will do any better with Netflix? Don’t think so.

So really I think what all these guys do is look at the numbers and watch trends. If nothing else even the old guys at Dish understand that well at least their Board of Directors do and stock holders should be looking over the CFO's shoulders very closely on this. So when they see that this Dish bundle is not bringing it then they will eventually have to bring streaming albeit reluctantly at a decent price. If not then so be it. By then Netflix will be parted out in one way or the other.

So what I am saying is maybe diversify so you won’t be stuck. Try Redbox right now. Also try a free 30 day Blockbuster dvd rental and see if these guys are all that they purport their service to be. Just keep Netflix streaming to hold on to your ratings etc for now and stream B content when you are desperate.

I would also be checking out a way to tape TV shows right now too and maybe invest or save up for that Channel Master DVR this Xmas time which lets you tape two programs while you watch a third. Plus not subscription fees like Tivo. Wait till the dust settles with these bozos. It may take a year before it all hits the fan.

I would also like to point out that the tvs they sell right now are crap. Poor sound and pixiling even at 240hz with streaming only to certain sites. The entire industry is basically telling us to put up and shut up.

I went into Costo recently and they have scaled back their TV depart big time. No matter how big the screens got and how high the prices rose people were not that happy. That brand of tv they sold that starts with a V had the most repairs of the bunch and folks finally said hey we want value not just a low price. A lot of folks got sucked into that vortex and came out chewed up on the other side.

Who knows who Roku will make a deal with? I am going to straddle the fence for awhile here and let them all try to sell to me. Maybe get back to reading more this year too. After watching older B content on Netflix you really want something more. What Netflix and the others need to remember is most folks don’t watch daytime soaps and tv anymore because there is so much boring B rated tv. Now the soaps are leaving. Yes too much of B rated content can turn folks off. I can turn on my free day time tv right now and stream through my antenna but hey it is not worth my time to do that. So is it true with streaming online with crappy content.

It is interesting since many folks who used Dish were like retired and even those folks are feeling the squeeze and buying Channel Master DVRs. I was reading online and even these folks are not that impressed with the high costs of Dish. Their bread and butter are leaving the folds. They think the younger middle class will fork out the dough for it and we all know they won’t but Clayton has to learn the hard way. Some will but most will not.

Blockbuster will be Dish's saving grace if they allow it to take the lead here. But the old guard runs Dish and they will literally have to remove the death grip they have on dish one finger at a time. When this Dish bundle or bungle thing doesn’t pan out Clayton will be retiring. It was funny since most of the reporters wanted to talk about Blockbuster not Dish. Clayton get a clue here.

Makes you wonder about the whole industry when you have clowns at Netflix, clowns at Dish and clowns at Amazon not to mention Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. They keep on going despite themselves only because someone hasn’t done it better. I can see why the movie content owners have lots of fun messing with these guys. The more the merrier for them. Tease them along.

Instead of investing too much in these streaming services this Black Friday after Thanksgiving might be the time to buy a tv to stream to or maybe buy that small tower just for your tv to stream to in your entertainment center. Hey you could set up your own pod for Diaspora social network too which hopefully will be more user friendly this year. Two good reasons for having your own server. Get yourself a big tv monitor and tower and find your own content. That would open lots of doors. It was sad and ironic to see Netflix announce there are partnering with Facebook. These are the same guys that didn’t buy the twitter name for Quikster. Yeah they are so socially hip and on top of this. But Facebook? “Gag”. If a housewife can see the holes in all of this then it must really be bad.

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