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So they want people to pass this to allow more data selling of privacy....


I don't want this feature anyways. If I see a good movie on Netflix I will post it on Facebook myself....

Karl Horberg

I used to be able to share my choices and movie reviews with friends. It was called the Friends feature, bu Netflix took it away because apparently not enough people used it.

Flash forward years later when apparently so many people want to share movies with their friends that it warrants an act of Congress.

John White

Oh Hay-ell no!

Guess what, Drobac? I HAVE the choice to share anything I want with my friends. What you are asking for is the ability to make that choice for me...and then some.

You'd better start greasin' some more palms, 'cause you're not getting my help. Stay outta my FB profile Netflix -- I don't remember "Freinding" you.


Right now were protected by the Video Privacy Protection Act.

It's up to us if we want to lose that for Facebook.

I already posted my reasons above for not wanting this.

So yeah no not want.

If I want to post what I watch I will.

Unless Netflix selling our data has some passing on the saving to us. LOL no thanks.

Sure a lot of this goes on.... With FREE services! That's how they make there Money.

So is Netflix gonna go free? I think not. So why even bother with this?


*do not want.

Robert Emmerich

So, 26,835 members screaming on the NF blog saying they don't DVD and streaming separated that YOU don't listen to, but WE should petition congress so they do what you want?

Nice timing their pal.

Philippe Chaintreuil

Everybody realizes that "consent" will be agreeing to the EULA. There will be no way out of this sharing except to quit Netflix/Facebook.


Linking Netflix and Facebook will be completely optional...



Danny Holwerda

Why should we do *anything* for Netflix after how they've jerked around their entire customer base this week? Screw you, Netflix. Do your own dirty work. I'm too busy trying to explain to my mom how she'll have to manage queues on two separate sites now.

Justin Hinkle

how about no.


No, no thanks. Read up on the bill and you'll see why.

Also, Facebook seems great but in reality there is alot of shady stuff being passed around behind the seens while you merrily chat with friends.


If the law said this had to be a stand-alone opt-in, separate from any service agreement or EULA, I might be okay with it. Otherwise it is completely open to abuse. And I think NetFlix has shown us we cannot trust them to do what is best for the customer.


I couldn't care less about Facebook, why don't they spend their time and money on securing good streaming content?


I don't trust this.

1. if you have to go through congress to make it happen, you should probably leave it alone.
2. the fact that the majority of those people are republican makes me trust it even less. i've see the republican track record the last 2 years and it scares me. if we have this video protection law in place, its probably for a good reason.

Besides, I know I won't be using that feature, I hardly even use Facebook in general.

Netflix needs to stop trying five thousand ways to push its customers away.


Don't support/reject a bill based on a company. Actually read the bill. So many people don't even read these bills and then are surprised when they realize they shouldn't have supported it.


Dear Metflix,

Bad timing. Because of your recent decision to raise my prices and make the service I use now twice as hard to use in the process, I will never again support anything you ask me to do. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for alternatives and probably won't be a customer for very much longer.


No longer loyal, and soon to be former 10 year subscriber

Mike Ekholm

Dear Netfqiclixter,

When your business plan requires:
A. An act of congress
B. That act congress is the passage of a nuclear energy bill.
C. You have a full time lobbyist.
D. Said Lobbyist cant get the job done for you being paid $200,000 this year to work the one issue.
E. You just finished pissing off at least 2 million of your customers to the point where they leave (as admitted by you).

It just might be time to re-investigate your business plan....

Raven A. Wind

I don't want Facebook integration. Frankly, I despise that everything is being merged with Facebook in some way. So no-- I won't help.

Jeff Hancock

This is basically the entire contents of the bill. There must be some subtext around "informed constent" that makes it do what Netflix wants it to do.

H.R.2471 - To amend section 2710 of title 18, United States Code, to clarify that a video tape service provider may obtain a consumer's informed, written consent on an ongoing basis and that consent may be obtained through the Internet.

Karen Lee

Facebook has too many privacy issues. Do not use it, do not want my info sold to various and sundry marketing companies.

No way will I support this bill.

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