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It's not missed. It doesn't serve the same purpose as the saved section of the disc queue.

Kale Barton

Actually it does serve the same purpose. It reminds you of something you've watched, and perhaps might like to watch again, when it's made available. Or would add to the dvd queue if it was something you missed because you didn't watch it in time before it got pulled.


Hmmm. Anyone else think this sounds a lot like damage control? Anyone seeing any "coming soon" titles in the saved section of their IW queue?


"And given the dynamic nature of our catalog that list can get long over time."

Preemptive damage control.


I show a total of ZERO saved & not available.

So none of the dozens there were there are scheduled to return ?

Jeremy Johnson

@Galagatron as @Kale points out, it does serve the same purpose. The SAVED section of either queue is a great reminder of what is coming down the road. In some cases, it is a movie that will NEVER be available to rent on DVD or stream on IW. That means the studio might not allow it or Netflix deems the movie "not popular enough" to purchase more copies. I could then reference that title in my saved queue and decide on how best to pursue other viewing options (buy it, rent it elsewhere, etc). More than anything, I am pissed that we were not given notice of this trimming of features.

Aethel Flaed

Give us a queue called "Saved for the Future" .... such a queue would allow us to save DVD-only content for future viewing if/when it becomes available on streaming.

A "Saved for the Future" queue would also lessen the negative feelings we have when we search for a movie only to discover that it is unavailable for streaming ...


I don't mind losing the Saved queue. I do mind that there was no warning given and that I had to use FeedFliks (like a lot of people) to "rescue" the titles I didn't want to forget about.

The big problem now is that if Netflix isn't letting us see our saved instant queue, but are still counting the saved titles against the 500-movie limit, then there's no simple way to remove a saved title. Anyone who generously adds to their instant queue over time will be getting pretty dang frustrated when phantom movies keep them from adding available ones.


Actually, now that I've investigated it, there's not just no simple way to remove a Saved Instant title, there's NO WAY at current time. So now because I didn't watch, say, The Weather Underground before it expired, it's taking up a place in my queue for eternity, even if I get the disc or decide I don't want to watch it. That's essentially a bug.


I am having the same issue. My instant queue has 467 titles but if I try to add something it tells me I can't because I already have 500 titles. Normally then I would move something from the saved section but because I can't see it I am not able too. And the saved section will only continue to grow as things expire and if I can't remove them that just means as no titles come available I will have to remove titles from the instant queue if I want to add anything new.


I too think this is damage control. People were told point blank that the saved section was deleted. Not hidden, not stored for prosperity, deleted. Luckily they were able to restore it in a new form.

Scott M Decker

If they have hidden (not deleted) the list of saved titles, and if this was driven by user feedback, why not simply make the display of the list a settings option?

Is it really so hard for Netflix to understand that users want options (control). I don't want NF or anyone else making choices for me.

NF also doesn't understand the value of the dollar. $10 per month is low enough that most people will happily pay month after month without giving it much thought. Raise the price 60% (in a recession) to $16 a month (which might as well be $20 a month) and people start asking themselves how much they are really using the service and what it's worth to them.

NF used to be a great company and I was a proud shareholder. I've dumped all of my stock and am very near dumping my subscription.

Maybe it's time we start speaking with Mr. Hasting about retirement.


Wow!! This really does suck! I've lost 130 instant queue spots because of this! Does anyone at Netflix think before they act? Ever??

Wilde Sage

"Complicates?" I don't think so. This is their way of keeping you from knowing how many movies you're "losing" each month.

Yo O

Why the heck did they remove this??? I mean if they thought we didn't want to see this, why not have an option for us to turn it off. I just commented how I was upset about losing my entire DVD queue after cancelling DVD service because I wanted to see when DVDs are available to be streamed.

I CANCELLED my DVD service because I thought they had ADDED all my "Saved" instant movies back to be able to be watched. They didn't and now I can't see my DVD queue either although NOTHING WAS DELETED. Why are they hiding this????

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