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Breaking Bad seasons 1-3 on streaming now.


Yes!!!! I would have traded Starz for Breaking Bad straight up!


How is Outsourced new? It definitely was available on DVD, and I'm almost positive it's been on streaming too.. (I rarely use streaming and am going to turn it off before my next bill..)


Halloween H20 is good. Avoid Resurrection.

Just watch Halloween 1, 2 & H20. Skip the rest.

Well Halloween 4 & 6 are alright. 5 is almost as bad as Resurrection. (H20 ignores them.)

If you didn't know Halloween 3 has nothing to do with Michael Myers.

Steve Wille

Looks like the link is wrong for Outsourced. The Outsourced that is now available is the tv show from NBC that was on last season.


Breaking bad is worth the price of streaming on its own.


Meek's Cutoff is also scheduled for 9/13, according to NF.


Just saw an article that said that Star trek the Next Generation is being remastered in HD for streaming on Netflix and Epix starting this fall. I know that it is already available in SD but it will be nice to have it in HD instead.


ST:TNG in HD. Since all the effects were shot on video. Every little effect has to be re-done. So hopefully that means some effects get amped up in HD glory.

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You should post these in a bullet point list. Easier to read and navigate.


why is Season 6 of Sunny in Philadelphia not listed as a new release, because Netflix started carrying it this week. On the flip side, Pee Wee Herman on Broadway DVD was released this week, but Netflix has it listed as a date unavailable title

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