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Amanda Reiter

You mean Quikster and Netflix new releases. ;)

Robert Emmerich

Mike, you've always run this website professionally and never treat it as a blog, but I think you should write your thoughts on this. One way or another it has to affect what you'll be doing here, either doubling your workload or halving it. I would suggest doing a poll on the split but I think we all know how the results would turn out ;-)

Anthony Hayes

Breaking Bad is up. Nice. That's my idea of must-see TV.

Robert King

Mr. Hasting
Thanks for the letter but I don’t think you are telling the entire truth. I am pretty confident your corporation would like to transition to a streaming operation only and eventually exit the home delivery DVD business.

I think it only makes sense that the former is more lucrative than the latter. In support of that it appears that your churn rate and cost of acquisition are creeping upward.

You mention AOL and Borders, two companies that were slow to change. AOL slow to exit dial-up and migrate to high speed internet, and Borders that stayed with the brick and mortar model too long.

I dropped the DVD delivery option mostly because of the price increase and quite frankly because the DVD offering quality was poor. I’ll be sticking with the streaming option as long as you improve the quality of that offering or unless a competitor comes along with a better all you can eat option.
Robert King

Karen Lee

Two things.

Looking at the new releases for DVD lately I wondered why they were so 'eh'. Guess they decided to stop buying good stuff figuring that this ilk would 'do' until they bailed out of the DVD by mail biz.

Mike, what are you going to do now? I read this blog daily and comment once every two years it seems, but as they say, 'up to the price increase, everything's been ok'.


Not sure what I'm going to do, but I did register HackingQwikster.com last night.

What do you think I should do? Qwikster will be much bigger than Netflix when I started HackingNetflix, and I'm sure there will be interest in the company.

It's not like I sleep anyway...

- Mike

Robert Emmerich

"I did register HackingQwikster.com last night."

This alone makes you smarter than anybody currently working at NF (see Qwikster's twitter account) and as such I know I can't offer any useful advice. Interesting times.

I've read at least a dozen news articles about this today - Forbes, Financial Times, CNBC, AP, The Street, Motley Fool, etc. - and it's been mostly bad.


Your detailed list always has extended characters messed up -- e.g. "fiancée"

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