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Tyrel Haveman

They forgot "none of the above". I don't do anything else when I watch TV.


Gee Netflix, thanks for giving me the option of 'None'. THIS is why TV today sucks. They assume we're not paying attention, and dumb it down. I want intelligent, clever comedies and dramas and there aren't many left.

Jason Becker

Count me as another one who actually just watches the show. If its not worth my attention the why have it on?


Me too. I usually turn off the lights to minimize distraction and actually watch.


I browse with about 80% of the TV I watch, though it's more like having the TV on in the background while I browse. If I'm watching something I really want to see, it has my full attention.

I think a lot of people like to have some noise in the background when they're just wasting time.

Nic Peterson 9

How come sexting is not a option?


I end up browsing with most of the TV episodes I watch (and watch on Netflix or online). I use to insist on watching movies/TV shows without distractions. That was when sitting at the computer meant having my back to the TV, and before I had a laptop, and before social networking. I try to avoid it, but it is just too easy to get online now and stay on it, and I realize it is almost impossible to focus on a movie while using the computer too. For example I watched "Inception" and got stuck online, but when I watched it again without distractions, it was like watching the movie for the first time.

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