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Take it Easy

The oatmeal comic was hilarious!

Robert Emmerich

The Joy of Tech comic reminded me of my friend Phil. You know the guy, the one who hates his girlfriends, but hates breaking up more, so he just treats them like crap until they break up with him. Accurate simile. (Note to Phil's ex's - Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Redbox and Crackle if you like free plus commercials.)

The video ended too abruptly, which annoyed me, so I forgot the good parts.

Oatmeal - and many others - have gone too far I think w/ the whole hamburger and bun split. (Like the WiFi Cablevision commercial which is TWICE as fast as 3G but the people up going up the escalator 1,000 times faster - http://adsoftheworld.com/media/tv/cablevision_optimum_wifi_fast).
The more accurate - and easier to understand split - which makes sense - but I haven't seen mentioned anywhere - is hamburger and french fries, or shake and fries. Two things that people would buy together now sold at separate stores. DVD and streaming is NOT a hamburger and bun scenario.


Splitting the company into two? Reed did you fly first class from Sydney to LA recently?

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