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This is a good start, but they need to get some better movie deals going quick.



Noor Almtowaq

So let me clear with this blog. So discovery channels and others and TLC are bring current episode of these shows. more old season to catch the ones we miss and plus more new season. It will be great to see discovery channels put current episode

Noor Almtowaq

will their be current episode of these shows on discovery channel


"will their be current episode of these shows on discovery channel"

NO! Read the PR. It's only for shows "in the can and aired".

BTW, NF is now at the mercy of studios and copywrite holders for their streaming content as they HAVE to agree to pay for those rights. NF has NO original streaming content of their own. So... all those fees studios demand will be passed on to the end user... YOU!

By next year this time, you'll see streaming only plans running $15-18 a month.

Be careful what you ask for... you just might get it!


I didn't ask for this shit. LOL!

I just wanted 1 disc and streaming for $8 or $9. I was happy.

However Canada got streaming only so everyone bitched.

We get a streaming plan then everyone wanted more current run content which they raised the disc plans to compensate?

Then they decided to raise rates and spawn off the disc service.

Netflix still has good streaming but if they raise the streaming plan. 95% will leave.

They advertised all this content for 1 low price.

I remember before streaming they tried raising there disc plans and a lot of people left then.

You mess around. People will go elsewhere.

The added $3 for Blu-Rays didn't do crap.

Blockbuster Total Access in my area is surprisingly good. Not every Blu-Ray but more. I would say no added $3 charge but the price does match Netflix with Blu-Ray. Only without the 28 wait on New releases.

So until Qwikster catches up. I will use Total Access for Blu-Rays & Netflix for streaming.

Robert Emmerich

If there isn't a "Shark Week - Every Week"! - campaign then this is just wasted.

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