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Edward R Murrow

2013? You mean all we have to do is wait for over a year? Sweet!


The headline is a bit misleading. It's NOT a deal with Dreamworks. It's a deal with Dreamworks Animation. If it was Dreamworks overall this would be a huge move. But since it's ONLY the Animation, doesn't really do much for me. Dreamworks Animation ain't exactly Pixar and they don't really have that big of a back catalog.

While this doesn't replace Starz and it doesn't really float my boat personally, it's a huge sign of things to come when a studio completely bypasses the pay channels and just goes directly to Netflix. Everybody is crying over the price hike and service split but I have no doubt that those things are going to lead to us seeing more and more of these type of deals, content is going to improve and people are going to look back at their outrage and wonder what they were thinking.


Wait a minute. I'm getting some deja vu here. Wasn't a deal with Dreamworks Animation already announced? Or at least discussed? I don't know... Maybe I just need to make my way to the nearest casino...


Interesting. But guess who just signed a deal with Amazon Prime which will give them 11,000 (claimed) titles. It appears Amazon is in this for the long haul, and it's been my continual belief that they will be the ones giving Amazon a run for their streaming money, especially when you consider the usual Blockbuster/Dish major fail. Here's the story: http://bit.ly/nHwBkf


That should have said, giving Netflix a run for their money.

John White

Am I reading this right? $30 million per picture? So, just 10 films will cost Netflix as much as the entire Starz library would have? That's nuts!


2013? i'm sure the next big thing will be out by 2013...

Robert Emmerich

"The first Dreamworks titles should start streaming in 2013."

"It looks like Netflix is finding a way to replace the Starz content..."

The Starz contract expires early 2012. By 2013 NF could be a penny stock. Or wholly owned by Amazon (according to Pachter's ramblings.) I guess any move NF makes from now on will just be to "sweeten the pot" for Amazon.

When I first read this my too-early-Monday-morning mind read Dreamworks as Pixar, so I thought this was huge. Dreamworks has some good movies, but it's not Pixar.


"It looks like Netflix is finding a way to replace the Starz content"

I'm trying to figure out how Dreamworks Animation productions are an appropriate replacement for "Have Gun - Will Travel"


"It looks like Netflix is finding a way to replace the Starz content"

Netflix has NOT list Starz content. Starz content is still available via Netflix.


Shrek, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon....they do have a few good ones. But 2013? I probably won't be a Netflix member by then.

Jason Becker

"Am I reading this right? $30 million per picture? So, just 10 films will cost Netflix as much as the entire Starz library would have? That's nuts!"

That's not why Starz fell apart. Netflix was willing to drop $300 million. Starz wanted premium tier above for their content. Like how people pay a extra fee for Blu Rays. That's where Netflix balked.


by 2013 America will be just a memory


The real news is not that they signed a deal with Dreamworks, but they signed a deal direct with the studio. There are going to be more and more of these types of deals in the future as the current contracts run out between the studios and the Pay television operators. HBO, STARZ, Showtime are not going to be able to pay what Netflix can pay. Netflix is getting what they can get, wherever they can get it for now. In a few years they won't need Starz, or Epix... they will simply outbid the the others for it.


No wonder they've raised their rates. 30 million per movie with Dreamworks. About a million per episode of Mad Men.
I wouldn't be surprised if streaming rates go up another $2 or $3 in the next year.

Susan Fan

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Steve Lumley

Lonny - I agree with what you said. If Amazon did the same thing, however, they have much more money and could outbid Netflix. Five years from now, it will be interesting to see who is bidding on what and who is winning. Hope it's Netflix.


@Steve.. I don't understand why all the analysts (armchair CEO's) think Amazon and Apple are so great! Amazon and Apple are trying to sell us everything under the sun. When i want to browse for a movie to watch I don't want to be sidetracked by all the stuff I can download or rent for an EXTRA fee. I am a happy guy digging through the Netflix offering knowing that whatever I decide on is going to play.

I don't care how much money Amazon or Apple throw at getting in on streaming. As far as I am concerned they are too late. Netflix beat them to it, and even with all the negativity that has been thrown at netflix the past 6 months, they have done NOTHING but provide a great product for me at a VERY reasonable price for a very long time. I am sticking with these guys until the bitter end or until Amazon or Apple buys them outright.

Steve Lumley

@Lonny - I too am satisfied with Netflix (which is why I have Netflix remains strong), I just don't know if I'm in agreement that it's too late for other competitors. Not all Netflix subscribers are in agreement with you and I that Netflix provides a a great product at a good price. These consumers will put their money somewhere, even it's a place you and I wouldn't. Whatever company has the most money to bargain with in the future for streaming rights will have the advantage. In my opinion.


Such a relief to hear that there are ways now to fix the movable type services. And it is good that the update is also applicable to the older versions.

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