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Boy I can't wait to start watching none of those movies.


Netflix is a victim of its own success. The core problem is they have a failing business model. Major studios are not going to continue to let them stream new and popular movies for a subscription service when they can make more money selling DVDs, Blu-rays and online instant rentals (Amazon, iTunes etc). Hence the 28 day wait. Netflix will be out of business in about 2 - 3 years.


Wow man. Aren't somes of those titles in public domain? I bet that Miracle on 34th Street is the old Meet Kris Kringle from the 50's, a teleplay of the movie which runs about an hour. I know good and well it's not the classic movie, the remake, or even the TV version with David Hartman. And aren't most of their Superman titles public domain? I bet they paid a bundle for this batch.


If that is The Fall by Tarsem Singh then it's one of the most wonderful films made in the past 10 years. It was on Starz Play earlier this year but the transfer was awful. Hopefully it's in HD this time (for your sake, at least... I ditch Instant in 5 days when my billing month ends).

Noor Almtowaq

Does netflix never understand that those movies or what ever they are we will not even click on them. I mean their more good deals to do then those.

Jeremy Johnson

Not band-aid enough for all the recent missteps. I canceled my membership last night.


I decided to check their catalog out. And in fact, an awful oft of their titles are either public domain or long forgotten TV movies including the ones I mentioned. You can add the "revamped" Bonanza episodes to that list of public domain junk. Thanks Netflix, for bring titles we can get just about anywhere else. I wouldn't expect high quality from this outfit.

Robert Emmerich

Cheap 1-ply public restroom grade toilet paper to go with all the [email protected] they've been giving out lately.


Way to announce an absurdly overwhelming streaming deal the day after an awful product announcement, netflix.

Justin Hinkle

Ummm..... these were already streaming (not that I watched them, I swear!)


Ugh, *underwhelming


The only ones I recognize are "Bonanza", "Miracle on 34th Street" and "Swiss Family Robinson".

The "miracle" is the old TV film from 1955 that runs 46 minutes and the "swiss" is an old cartoon version at 46 minutes long. Both unknowns. Bonanza seems to be repacks of eps or eps made into tv movies.

Fred Coppersmith

You know, I was upset at the removal of important features like recommendations and reviews. And at the price hike that more than doubled my monthly fee. And at the loss of streaming content as content providers go elsewhere. And the decision to split the company in two, making all this just that much more difficult to navigate for consumers like me.

But Alpha Bots Christmas? That makes it all better, then.


Boy i am glad i don't stream

Justin Hinkle

Again, these are already on Netflix (most of them for SURE) and have been for a long time. This is not news and is probably a VERY cheap deal to keep streaming. You don't have to wait, go watch them now!

Justin Hinkle

this is more like when theyrenew NBC content and add a few new movies/seasons. I am sure there was no PR splash intended wiht this (but there better be a BIG one coming SOON!).

Edward R Murrow

Perfect example of why the streaming biz model for Netflix is done.

Noor Almtowaq

Hey everyone,

The problem with netflix is how they started streaming or finding titles to stream. I mean i remember the first time streaming came out their was about 100 good ones karate kid, finding bobby fisher and jumaji and some others.
this is how netflix needs to be in first place and till now.
1. bring titles that cant be found on DVD,VHS,Youtube,and other site
meet the deedles, Doug first movie, I want a mom for christmas, Puzzle places, wishbone. * see these titles will be great to get* plus more
2. Bring movies to be stream and not on dvd. I mean for example take jumaji for example make that streaming and remove it from dvd. just saying
3. The way to make netflix stop pirates movies online youtube and site is bring them streaming or make them into or something.
4. if you can stream a movie on crackle or youtube or something netflix should bring it on streaming.
5. netflix should stop force on titles that we will not watch or waste time on. Bring real titles like i want a mom for christmas or disney original movies , or tv shows that we will watch every day buffy x files
barney just saying or superman cartoon 90s

this is how netflix should be


Finally, I can watch those $1 public domain movie dvds on Netflix streaming.

Karen Lee

Blah, blech and ughhh. Buy more DVD's.


I just called to reinstate my account after I saw they're adding 'Amanda' and 'Dumping Lisa.' I'd be crazy not to.

Forget the fact that it looks as if most of the BBC titles will be gone from streaming in a few days...uhhh they're adding 'A Lure.' No brainer, sign me up!!

Joey Crocker

Wow they got some movies you can pick up at the dollar store!Awesome deal netflix lol


Aren't most of these titles in public domain? What a joke.


Moviegeek, I was about to say the same thing - a bunch of stuff is public domain - and can be seen free a lot of places on the web.

Ron-Kate Rockwood

Whaaaait a minute! Swiss Family Robinson? AND Alpha Bots Christmas? I must be living right.

And to think I was about to cancel my QuickNetflixster subscription.

Mike Ekholm

Thank god for Netflix, and its vast array of content. I have been looking for ways to pay money in order to watch movies such as Santa and the Three Bears (http://www.archive.org/details/SantaandtheThreeBears). There is one way to solve the expensive content problem; use content anyone can freely download and charge people for it - a "convenience fee" like ticketmaster.

Sean Mccoy

looks like they got the pot on the table and their smoking it

Robert Emmerich

Maybe this entire post should be deleted and replaced with the two year Discovery deal, NF could use a breather.

Jason Becker

Geez people its not like Netflix had a bog press release touting this deal saying this was apart of their big deals they will be announcing in the coming months. Not everything has to be big blockbusters.

Clay and Deanne Broughton

Well Blockbuster may very well be launching their streaming service this Friday from reading articles like this:


Friday should be very interesting. I intend to check out my local Blockbuster this weekend either way to see if they really have enough current releases in stock for when I drop off my dvds for a free dvd. If Netflix doesn't change course this week I am likely moving entirely over to Blockbuster and that includes streaming as well.

I have also read where Netflix CEO has cashed out a lot of stock this past year in the neighborhood of 46 million. The same amount that the company paid to buy additional stock at something like 230.00 ish per stock. He got out before he knew the stock would drop to 130.00ish now. All you Netflix stock holders got holding the bag for this CEO and now he is going to part it out and retire from the looks of it. Not a good sign with Founder/CEO cashed so much stock out in one year.

It sounds like the content holders were not going to sell to him and he knew it and cashed out and now separating dvds and streaming so he will have one game playing and my guess is he may very well let Netflix die a good death since no way to get the best content and keep the dvd part spinning for awhile. Now that everyone is streaming it should only be a matter of time where you will subscribe to Sony to get their movies etc. The middle man like Netflix streaming will not be needed.

But what content providers fail to get here is folks are strapped and they aren't going to pay Hulu prices for every content provider. WE already have a way too many passwords and user names to manage as it is. Many are not buying the crappy new tvs for a small fortune with poor sound etc with wireless only going to certain content providers. They wait like me and will do work arounds like hooking up computers to screens to avoid it all.

I think consumers have proven that they are holding onto their money until the prices come down and the services are better. The question is how long can these tv manufacturers and content providers can hold out until their bottom line forces them to actually give consumers what they want.

What happened when HP sold their pads for 100.00? Everyone wanted one then.

Clay and Deanne Broughton

Now what I really need is a program that I can take all my ratings of movies on Netflix and store them on my computer. It would allow me to interface with Blockbuster or whomever so I don't end up renting a movie I have already seen. Right now I want a separate program on my computer so when the games begin again with these companies that I as a consumer am not left in the cold after spending so much time rating all these movies. I also rely on the Netflix program to tell me which episodes I have already watched and now when I switch I will have to refigure it out. It Netflix can pull this baloney other will too. We need a stand alone program that will interface with these existing programs online. Maybe such a program exists out there right now but I have no idea. I beginning to prepare for the migration.

Any ideas of how to do this easily and bring your info with you? How about printing up a list of all the movies you have watched and streamed is one way. Maybe putting them into a spreadsheet? Then you can search by title that way? I wish there was a less time intensive way to do this.

Clay and Deanne Broughton

This article explains how Netflix and Roku have been avoiding the cap limits on broadband for quite some time. All the more reason that finding a dvd provider locally or will mail them to you just incase the telecom industry gets even greedier.


They have made cap limits in Canada but haven't done it in the U.S. yet but it could. Another reason why Netflix's CEO cashed out his stocks earlier this year?

So this is another reason why the CEO of Netflix is just out of his mind to spin off the dvds to rebrand it under Quikster. I really think he has his money now that he has sold his stocks and he really intends to sell off the rest when possible and be done with it.

So Dish along with Blockbuster could be where folks eventually flock to when telecom companies apply the squeeze on streamers? They know you are really connected with your dsl online content and it will be hard for you to let go. I wonder if we can avoid the poorly deteriorating phone lines we run dsl on right now and can surf the net with a dish perhaps?

Yeah telecom companies have put in new T1 trunks in but all those small lines out from them are like held together with duct tape and the cost to upgrade them is prohibited.

The local Clear wireless internet services don't cover much yet and the speeds are slower.

So really I would be figuring on dvd rentals as back up plan if the dsl telecom groups approach this like another segment in their group did, the cable companies. They also didn't listen to their customers and also over charged folk where they left in flocks.


watching my pee stream is more entertaining than streaming those

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