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I really hope Netflix can turn this mess around. As much as the news lately seems earth shattering Netflix service really isn't any worse than it has been, but it needs to get better.

I downgraded to streaming only/occasional trips to Redbox for my movie needs. But, I still want to see this company succeed. I've always been a fan. I'm hoping for the best.


I'm surprised it hasn't fallen further. I'm not being snide, I am sincerely surprised. Their P/E is still over 28. This may be a deflation, but the bubble has not yet burst.


The drop is well deserved, given that the quality of Netflix's service has been declining for years.

Bobby McDaniel Jr

Keep on Dropping Can't Wait till it drops under 100 A share. When it does everyone can celebrate the demise of Netflix.

Bobby McDaniel Jr

To Everyone! Sell Now Before It's To Late!


Its falling because investors realize that Netflicks is no longer unique. when it offered both streaming and DVD rental for one price, it ahd something other streaming companies did not. Now its just one of several streaming companies. It no longer has the same value it did before.


That hurts the wallet.

Bob E.

On a related note - go look at the 1 yr. charts for the DJIA, NASDAQ, and S&P 500. I think your reaction will be "oh, that explains alot". If you want nearly perfect comparisons, look where those 3 charts ended on Aug. 8th.


Not to say NF hasn't fallen off a cliff at the moment, down 66% is far worse than the average, but the 1 yr. chart can be explained at least somewhat by overall market movements.


What we are seeing is the results of an all out PR effort by big media, stock manipulating analysts and bloggers to knock Netflix off it's perch.

Look at comments like Tycereom and Bobby up there. I see those kinds of stupid remarks all over the internet(stupid because they give no rationale behind their post). Make an argument!

As for myself... I am one of the lucky ones that saw this coming due to all the bashing that was taking place before the price hike and sold my stock while it was up around 290. I believe when they report for the quarter, we are going to see that they didn't lose that many subscribers, that the increased fees (which are still very reasonable) will make up for those that left, and by the end of the 4th quarter all those that did leave, will have found that the "competition" is not really competition at all, and will quietly come back.

I will be using all of my profits to buy back into Netflix very soon. This is still a pioneering company that has a track record of seeing the future of entertainment long before most of us, and certainly before these analysts and bloggers with an agenda.

Hopefully this hysteria will calm down before it is too late and we lose Netflix altogether.


... a pioneering company...

Yep, right. A pioneering company that has now but all their eggs into the streaming basket with maybe 18% DVD coverage. A basket that is SOLELY OWNED by the studios and copy-write holders. NF has NO streaming content that they own. The studios now have NF by the "short and curlys"!

NF will/must pay whatever the studios demand or not carry the content. So... what will you see?

Tiered levels! Pay extra for new releases; or extra for HBO/Showtime content.

Or... everyone will be paying $15-18 by next year for the same stuff you tout as "wonderful" for $8 now!

NF will soon be just another price gouging "cable company" making you pay more for what you want.

Happy now?! Or you can go to Hulu, Amazon, NF, cable, sat and have mish-mash of many providers for content.

YEAH!, that's make life easier! Crazy people!!!


I think Bob is putting the cart way before the horse in his commentary.

Are they going to do this before or after they are bought by Amazon, Apple or Microsoft or the tooth fairy?

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Netflix deserves what is happening to their stock price. Let this be a lesson to other Companies. In the course of a year, while hosting expensive, lavish events for their employees paid for by the profits of their once loyal customers, they continually changed a winning format by constantly changing plans and raising prices (unlike other companies who do this but once a year)until their customers rebelled after the last plan change and price increase. Then, in their ultimate stupidy, they slapped the face of the customers who stayed with both plans by splitting DVD and streaming into 2 companies where those customers who were loyal to both now have to go to 2 different web sites to keep queues and order DVD's or streaming. They will lose even more customers as a result. The stock decline is a direct result of the arrogance of this Company.

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