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Good. Roku could use some competition. The Roku 2 is not flawless. A lot of people are reporting problems with the new Roku 2 and streaming HD titles in Netflix (myself included). Maybe Netgear will get it right.


Looks like Netgear reversed engineered the Roku 2.


@Scotters83 I agree. My Dad recently got the Roku 2 XS and called me to say his wireless kept cutting out on him. It says the signal is excellent but drops the stream in Netflix. I've had to just run an ethernet cable down the hall for him until I can get back there to run one under the house.


@Ryan Yup, same issue here. HD streaming works fine on my PS3 though, not to mention every other device.


i have 3 rokus but only run one at a time .
i hate it when it runs at 3 or 4 dots then reboots and runs at 2 dots ..same thing every time ...no problem with computer or bluray .
perhaps it's garbage can time for the roku.s


No problem overall with my roku XD.

Im sure not spending on another device unless I have to or the new device has some things I cannot do without.

This aint it.

Ive only had it for roughly 5 months now. I figured a 42-48 month life when I bought it with 36 as the low.

of course, when I bought it, streaming didnt cost extra.

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