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As a longtime Blockbuster by Mail customer, I say -- "Finally!"

Now I'm a Blockbuster customer for Blu-ray and DVD, and a Netflix customer for streaming.


@JohnnyO From looking at Blockbuster.com, I see that the 1, 2, 3 disc plans are $11.99, $16.99, and $19.99 a month. Netflix's same plans are $7.99, $11.99, and $15.99 a month. I believe with Bluray it would be 9.99, 14.99, and 19.99. The only way to save money at Blockbuster would be to get the 2 disc 1 at a time plan and use bluray. Otherwise you either pay the same or spend more at Blockbuster.


As someone who recently switched my DVD portion over to Blockbuster, I'm happy with my decision. I dropped Gamefly too so I did save money, and there's a store down the street so I get faster turn around time than I could with Netflix. The best part however is the new releases. I never realized how much I missed being able to watch NEW releases when they are popular not months after I was excited to see them.


Xino your pricing is wrong. I just signed up for 1 at a time for $9.99 which is the same as Netflix with the BR add on price.


how is that stock price today netflix? do you like treating your customers like dirt? have a fun dish being served to you that's called karma.....


And BB has much slower turnaround times.

I used to live 2.5 miles away from 2 different stores. Now the closest store is 12 miles and 25 minutes away. No thanks.

Unless you live closer than me to a distribution center and a store, its no deal at all.

But, it is a good ad.

How many people are really going to pay BB $9.99 a month because NF charges $7.99 ?

Yeah, that will show 'em !


I had Blockbuster Online concurrent with Netflix for several years just for the few selections Netflix did not have. Browsing Blockbuster's site, now it seems a lot of movies particularly from the '70s and '80s that Netflix has apparently lost are available there, unless they just have everything listed anyway.


@Hokie7373 If you're not logged into blockbuster.com and go to the help section and look at the prices there, I'm right. Apparently Blockbuster doesn't tell new customers the correct prices.


I tried BB but the turn around time for shipping the dvds back and fourth was 4 days. Meaning I would send a dvd back on Monday, they receive/ship a new one on Wednesday, and then I would get it Friday. The only store that was close to me was closed down a year ago. With netflix, I send the dvd on Monday, they receive/ship new one on Tuesday, and I get it on Wednesday. I'm sticking with netflix.


I will admit sometimes NF leaves a lot to be desired especially when they jump pricing and limit the products and services but that being said I have had SO dang many issues with BB over the years I would have to be hard pressed to go back to them, ever. The redbox by my house changed to a BB blue kiosk and I quit going as I will be damned if they will get me to jump over by buying out the kiosks. I think NF still has the advantage of brand recognition and they have not done anything just yet to lose my loyalty.

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