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Justin O'Connor

So, at this point are they just like...trying to go out of business?


Eh, this is one too many issues - huge price increase, no more Starz, and now what I *suspect* was an intentional change to test the waters that didn't go well, so now they're backpedaling. Even if it was just a weekend glitch, Netflix just clearly doesn't have its act together when it comes to streaming. If they want to charge almost twice as much as it previously cost, they'd better not have bugs, glitches, outages, etc. etc. - period. They clearly can't deliver that, so I'm out. I'll stick to hulu and amazon prime for streaming, and fill in the gaps with Netflix DVDs (which they still seem to be able to do semi-competently).


Quick addition - yes, I do think an expectation of no (or very rare) outages/glitches is reasonable. I literally cannot ever remember a time when I was unable to stream through Amazon instant streaming, yet outages and other issues happen all the time with Netflix.

James Heartney

A. This is not anything new. The supposed limit on concurrent streams has been official policy for as long as I have been streaming (over a year). If you wanted more streams you had to buy a more DVD's-out-at-a-time plan.

B. It's generally not enforced, in my experience.

C. I think Netflix does need to offer a plan for more concurrent streams to streaming-only customers, maybe for a few bucks more per stream. I guess you could buy multiple $7.99 plans if it was bothering you, of course, but as time goes on and more people have more Netflix-ready devices, this will be come a live issue.

D. What sort of cheapskates share an account with neighbors/relatives that only costs $7.99/month?


I would not call the Netflix prices "huge" has they are still the cheapest and best option available. They simply started to charge for streaming.

Additionally you can still get Starz content, so no loss there.

Feel free to voice your opinion with your dollars but stop spreading lies.


A maximum 60% increase is not "almost twice as much".

The increase is getting me to change my plan (close to my billing date), but don't lie about the actual increase.


I have been a pretty avid reader of all articles regarding Netflix and have been a pretty staunch supporter of the company, however I have to admit Netflix has one flaw that may eventually kill it.

There seems to be an army of cheapskate crybabies out there that will go to any length to villify Netflix and are willing to let the world know their opinion over the most stupid of issues. They are probably the minions of all the bloggers and armchair CEO's out there that write articles with Headlines meant to influence the stock price, and get the attention of the mindless herds.

It was bad enough that many were too cheap to pony up a few extra bucks, or make a choice between DVD and Streaming that they had to scream out to the world they were going to cancel their accounts and accuse netflix of being the greedy monopoly, now they are going to cry that they can't supply all their family and friends with Netflix streaming for $7.99??

Give me a break!!

As an investor I applaud all of the decisions Netflix has made recently.

a. At $9.99 for both streaming and DVD service I thought was unsustainable. It was just too damn good a deal. Especially with the cost of content for streaming going through the roof. Either way you look at it they had to be losing money on one service or the other. By separating the two we will get better picture of where each division is making or losing money.

b. Let Starz take a hike. Their content is not worth anywhere near what they want from Netflix. I would be surprised if Starz paid that much for it themselves.

c. All you cheapskates out their sharing your streaming account with friends and family are stealing!! And you have the nerve to go online and post that you are going to cancel your account if they don't reconsider?? I am sure netflix would rather you do exactly that.

As a long time customer, cheapskate in my own right, former DVD burner, illegal downloader, Netflix is the absolute best value for the few dollars they ask in return out there. Pay up or get a life and go outside to play.


Well said, all good points except I would hold judgement for the Starz contract until the date it expires. Starz will go up to the deadline, maybe a few days later, trying to get every nickle it can out of Netflix. Hopefully Netflix has a formula it can hold fast to to ensure they don't overpay.


I'm on the 7.99 plan and can stream on 2 devices at one time. I'm often not able to get on because there are already 2 devices running it in the house by family members. When I was on the 3 at a time disk by mail I never had this problem. I have long thought that Netflix was intentionally letting people get more devices at once than they paid for on purpose to make the customer happy and at the same time gyp there content providers somehow.

Phil Corless

My family frequently has two streams going at one time with no problems. Every now and then we'll even have three. Two Rokus and a Wii. Never had a problem.


Netflix's official FAQ states: "If you are on the Unlimited Streaming plan, the Unlimited Streaming + 1 DVD out-at-a-time plan or a limited streaming plan, you may watch only one device at a time." The TOS also links to this answer to describe how their streaming service works.

There is a disconnect between Steve Swasey's comment to Hacking Netflix and Netflix's FAQ.

See link: https://www.netflix.com/FAQ?p_faqid=2902

Joe Fernandez

Funny how nobody ever complains about how expensive there internet service provider is. I bet its not $7.99 a month.

Mike Ekholm

This reminds me of the infamous ISP bandwidth caps.

I would think "unlimited streaming" would mean unlimited - as in you can stream to as many devices as you want to in your household, as long as you do not violate our terms of service. I have not read them (as I am no longer a streaming customer) but I am assuming the terms of service say sharing of accounts is a no-no.


I pay 130 dollars for cable and internet every month and only watch the daily show and sports.

I'm more than willing to spend 16 bucks a month to have new dvd releases and the streaming of some awesome shows (mad men, sons of anarchy, lost, 24, prison break, luther, the office, camelot)

Looking at the Starz movies I haven't seen there are only 5 movies over 4 stars are The Secret to My Success(1987), The American President(1995), The Sting(1973), and Tangled(2010)...I can easily watch these movies I am not interested in within the next 5-6 months.


i can do only 1 sometimes, other times 3, mostly 2 though.
i use 2 Rokus and a Wii.
streaming only-7.99




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Learn it, use it, don't look like a moron on Internet forums.


Robert Emmerich

This will be a continuing issue for NF as people get more streaming devices. A parent could be at home streaming NF while a parent is at work streaming NF while a high school kid is streaming NF at school and a college kid is off streaming wherever. I don't even know how NF deals w/ older kids now, are they supposed to get their own account when they turn 18 or when they move out of a parents house? Does dormitory living count as "moved out"? This wasn't an issue when mailing out discs but streaming on PC, laptops, game consoles, tvs, smartphones, tablets, ebook readers (am I forgetting anything, does anybody have a streaming Dick Tracey wristwatch yet?) makes it possible for almost endless streaming by several family members at once. I don't have a solution, but I think NF needs to prominently state the streaming limits and restrictions.


What's the point of this article?
As James Heartley mentions above, nothing has changed - it's all right there in the Terms Of Service.
Of course that assumes you can decipher the Terms Of Service, which could be much better written for understandability...


I think the netflix response it outdated. The streaming and dvd portions are no longer tied together and that response was written before the change. There's is no streaming plus 2 plan anymore, not it's streaming only plus a dvd only plan.

Also the official response says one at a time but above it they were quoted as saying "no less than two concurrent streams". Netflix really needs to check their messages for accuracy before putting their foot in their mouth like this.

To those saying people are sharing, well if you count someones child in the bedroom watching Sponge Bob while the adults watch a movie in the living room, then yes many people share. One account is for one household. I don't think that's too much to ask. If you want my five year old niece to pay for her account then that would be a bit much.

James and CJ- their TOS is a bit confusing isn't it. They contradict themselves on at least this one issue. It seems as if they just add to it sometimes and forget to remove the outdated parts.


The one thing Netflix has in its negotiating arsenal with Starz is they have the Data!! They know exactly how many times the Starz content has been accessed, viewed, put in our queue, and best of all .... how we rated it. They have more information than anyone in the media business has ever had regarding what WE the customers think of their content, and can use that information when the time comes to renegotiate contracts. It is too bad for Starz that Netflix is not willing to pay up what they "think" the content is worth, when Netflix probably "knows" how much the content is worth.

Marv Conn

I agree, backpedaling. I can now, again, stream two Roku, but there was a point a few weeks ago where I was getting a max streams message when I tried to stream two at the same time.

I think they tested the waters and found them too unfriendly with the price increase.


I think the best thing they can do is limit the number of IP addresses at one time. My house has a given IP so only send streams to that IP. That ends part of the problem. People in the same home trying to use cellular and land based internet will be out of luck, but most people would be fine with that set up.

Joe Fernandez


Member: Derekhansell

At a minimum give credit to the website that you 'Copy/Paste' from.


You been served.

Learn it, use it,(credit it) don't look like a moron on Internet forums.



"I think the best thing they can do is limit the number of IP addresses"

I believe every device has to be activated before it can be used on an account. That mean that every device has some means of identifying itself, and that NetFlix has some way of checking the device's identity before allowing it to receive streaming.

I don't know if NetFlix is limiting concurrent streams by device, but I think we have to acknowledge the possibility that they can.


Gir, I think you missed my point. they know the devices you have yes. But if the two devices have different public IPs they can assume you are sharing an account. If they all have the same IP then it's most likely a family member watching TV in a different room.

Rather than put any sort of limit on families in the same home they could simply limit the number of allowed IPs at a time. That way all the kids could watch Netflix but the neighbors couldn't.


You're right, I misunderstood what you meant by "the best". I thought you meant "the most" or (ironically) "the worst".

Ro Cahan

I want to chime in. I LOVE Netflix and I am a cheap skate. This said I would easily pay more for Netflix. If you have cable how much do you pay? Here the cheapest is $22 for Basic, $30ish for expanded, and I have no idea for digital say $50. What do you get, commercials and what they want you to watch. Netflix, you get no commercials and you pick what you want to watch. (I would watch commercial and pay though). I have found some shows that I "loved" to watch on cable that when I can pick what to watch on Netflix, I actually find I dont like the show! I would pay per stream IF they can figure out how to make that work. We have two Roku, a Wii, and computers that we watch on. Roku and Wii only allow one sign in, otherwise you would have to relink accounts per change. They need to figure out how to get the same Que on each stream subscription. While I am at it, get separate ques, one for me, one for wife, one for both! $8 a month, I am ripping Netflix off and loving it, $25 a month no question I would pay, over that well, we would have to see.


I recently downgraded to the $7.99 Instant-only plan. I saw another blog that said you could only stream on one device at a time. I, too, read the TOS and it said that you could only stream on one device at a time. While researching this, I came across this blog.

However, I can affirm that I can stream on two devices at a time - no matter the device. But only two. I tried three.

Don't know if this is a glitch and Netflix will fix it, or it is supposed to be this way, but I'm happy with the ability to stream on two devices.

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