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It's may be because I'm with Virgin Mobile instead of one of the big companies, but the video and audio are out of synch on my phone.

Pat Billone

When will we get it on the xoom?

Donald Sykes

Netflix won't show video on my Mytouch 3g. I select a video, I get a black screen with a seek bar at the bottom, it acts like it's loading and then after about 20 seconds it kicks back to the apps main screen.

Tom M

I can't get the app to work on my LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile USA. It briefly flashes the Netflix logo and a spinning loading status but then goes to a white screen very quickly. If I tap around on the blank white page I can find a text box (or at least a keyboard shows up) but only one and it doesn't seem to do anything.

Anyone else have this problem?

"D" what phone are you using with VM?

Tom M

OK, uninstalling, restarting, installing, restarting eventually got it working. The sound gets out of sync a bit but its not bad so far at least.


Still not "Officially" available on the Asus transformer but if you sideload the apk file it works.

Ken Mason

The app won't launch on my T-Mobie G2X. Hope there is a patch soon.


I got the app, but it won't let log in on my droid. Says login in timed out. So I tried to activate device from my computer, but it asks for a code. Anyone know where I get the code from? -_-


Got it to log in and launch on the first try on my HTC Status- unfortunately, audio is terribly out of sync. You hear things at least 6 seconds after you see them. (This was on a WiFi connection.)


Doesn't work for me either on my T-Mobile Comet running versin 2.2 of Android. It starts up and you can pick a title but when it is ready to play and it shows the start button and the time bar the app reboots. This has happened everytime i've tried using it. It was unistalled and reinsalled once.


It works for me, HTC Inspire. It only shows Instant Viewing content, by the way.


@ Tom M., I'm also using the LG Optimus V. At least I get audio so I played the Shaun the Sheep theme for my son for him to dance too.


I already had put the Netflix app Ver 1.3 on my Nook Color using the xda method and it had worked great.
I did this upgrade and had the same problems everyone above had with voice out of sync. So I reverted back to 1.3 version and all is well again


started playing on my Virgin Optimus V...but terrible vid quality & keeps buffering....prolly cuz the phone's processor can't handle it....


It has worked on my HTC Incredible since the app launched on the Market. I love it!! Even works flawlessly on my son's HTC Incredible 2.


I have a Samsung Intercept with Virgin Mobile and also experience significant audio/video sync issues. The video simply plays slower than the audio, likely because the phone does not have the power to process the video stream. After a few minutes of this, the program attempts over and over again to rebuffer playing only a second or two between attempts. This happens regardless of whether you're using 3G or wifi. Considering the fact that I can stream other things on the phone, I'm thinking maybe Netflix needs to come up with a way to dynamically provide a lower quality video signal for underpowered phones, like the video quality on a PS3 adjusts depending on the speed (or how much Netflix's service is being overused) available.

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