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And so it begins? The broken patent system isn't just something smartphone makers are using to sue each other left and right and all ways possible now it moves into the internet in general. General concepts can't be patented. Besides doesn't netflix outsource the streaming method. In other words netflix obtains the content and provides the content but someone else handles the streaming part? Seriously this is getting out of hand and only hurts the consumer.


If they're a pioneer, then why haven't I ever heard of them?


Love the PR speak...

"cementing our IP position"

IE buying enough patents for us to start suing people because the US patent system is freaking broken and doesn't always do what it was meant to do when it comes to technology/software patents.


A quote about trademarks:
"Trademarks rights must be maintained through actual lawful use of the trademark..."

I think the same should be true of patents. You shouldn't be allowed to patent an idea and just sit on it with no intent to commercialize it.


I agree, we are seeing a lot of patents that are on ideas and concepts. That's not what patents were intended for. The patent system is horribly broken. I can patent anything, especially stuff that doesn't work. Then when someone gets it to work I can sue them and get their profits since I had the original patent and the patent office doesn't check the patents for validity. I'm going to patent the idea of pushing a button to turn things on and off. I should make some money on that one.


Let me add that I think the idea of buying a patent is also broken. I get the point behind it. If the original company goes bust then the product doesn't have to die. It's just not working. Instead we are seeing companies that do nothing but hold patents and leech off other companies. That's not the American way.

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