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Nice sense of humor from the Netflix PR department!

Hugo Ramirez

Glad season 1 is back even thought I watched it already. I always get angry when Netflix pulls movies, episodes and seasons without notice but it usually due to a glitch.


that must explain why suddenly I went from watching episodes 50's to episodes 40's on the android app (since they list all shows for a season on one page). It blew my mind and I had to look up the names of the shows to figure where I was at in the series. and it explains why farpoint wasn't the first episode on the list...


I think it's great when company feedback is funny and informative, and not boring. ((*not* funny and informative) is still better than (funny and not informative))


Excellent, I put it on htis weekend but was disappointed to see it missing. Now I can watch tasha get merked.

A Facebook User

Season 7 was also gone at the same time.
I called Netflix while this was happneing, (spoke to a person within a minute of dialing!)
She said there was a problem with Seasons 1 and 7 and that they'd be back up shortly...they were back up shortly


What the hell is START Trek?

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