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Noor Almtowaq

Read this: how instant watch works!

example for TANGLE - starz play
theater november 2010
DVD march 2011
pay preview may 2011
starz play july 2011
instant watch aug 2011
disney channel oct 2012
99 cents junk aug 2012 lol

7 things to get to us to enjoy for FREE
this is how starz play works or movie company goes

IRON MAN 2 - Epixhd

theater May 7, 2010
dvd Sept 28,2010
pay pre oct 2010
epixhd march 2010
intant watch 90 days release jun 2011 - till dec 2012
cable tv summer 2012
99 cents - 2013 lol

here is what you see and this is how it works.

comment me!

Louis S

To amend my earlier statement, i'm seeing a LOT of news on Blockbuster forming thier own streaming service to compete with Netflix beginning next month. I have a feeling that Starz is moving over to Blockbuster, and will be essentially starting Blockbuster's streaming service. It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Now that Dish owns Blockbuster, and is notorious for pulling channels off of its service when they can't reach a deal, Dish probably worked out a lucrative, exclusive deal with Starz which included rights to stream its movies through the Blockbuster on Demand service. If that's the case, then we have an interesting battle on our hands.


Dish really needs to let people know that this is the New Blockbuster. As tons of people were burned by the old owners of the company that caused the company to nearly die.

Well see if Starz stays with Blockbuster or decides they could use more Money and go with Netflix too.


anyone ever hear about a movie named billy stewart and the belly button gang?


Noor, what the hell are you talking about? Does anyone get his point?

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