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Very well done comic. Sadly, this is the experience many of us will have. I see much more Rogaine being sold in the months ahead.


I just see myself using DishOnline a lot more, hoping for their Blockbuster rumors to pan out, and generally dropping Netflix (streaming) and using other services.

I cannot fathom this move, for the reasons drawn above.


Panel 3 could just as easily say "check Blockbuster."

Or "let's go to Redbox."

Of course, Reed is probably fine with that. Will he still be fine with that in March when Netflix has no premium-worthy content and has to raise rates more or even change the whole pay model to get some?


You can't add DVDs to your queue from Netflix apps. You'd still have to go to the website. Not to mention the fact that "Netflix" is also a goofy spelling. The only reason we don't have problems with it now is that we're used to it.


good comic!

Netflix got me upset with everything their doing.

See the new page lolol


Clay and Deanne Broughton

I think about all those ratings I have done that help me know if that is a movie we have already seen. Now I have to start over with Quikster. I would have to go to Netflix and first check to see if it is in streaming and then go to Quikster to see if they have it in dvds.What a headache. Then if the movie is now available for streaming the rating I have for it in dvds will not show in streaming? What a fudging headache. Then try to remember what rating I gave it. Then when they pull a movie from streaming I don't know to add it to dvds. So have me running around in circles because why again?


I really don't care about ratings--I don't just choose stuff because someone said it was "good". If I just want to see what else an actor or a director or whomever has done, I just do and I will watch it. I hardly ever rate titles simply because I've never been one to give stars or grades or any of that. Besides, there needs to be something between "didn't like it" and "liked it"; it's too broad. I just hope the "you returned this disc on...." transfers to Qwikster. I doubt it though. That name is just so dumb, especially when the generally accepted misspelling of Quick is "Quik", from Nestle to Quiksilver.

Yo O

Cancelled DVD service. DVD queue GONE! I figured they would just leave my DVD queue there and prevent from sending me any titles. I think I remember this was how it worked in years past but not really sure about that?

I figured they could temporarily restore access to me or something, but the dude was like nope. He actually said he could see that they were still there and he was literally looking at my queue of over 140 movies, but I wouldn't be able to see them unless I pay for another month of service at some point in the future.

Really irks me because I just want to know when movies in my DVD queue become available to Instant Streaming.

This changeover wasn't very well thought out.

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