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Man, some compelling points presented there - in a better way than all of the articles could do this past week.

It's true though. The initial love has faded. I still love movies and TV, but the full queue eventually becomes daunting. Sure, it feels great to discover something no one else has heard of, just as it is awesome to watch what came out last week. But when it becomes a chore to always have that envelope laying there nagging you to hurry up and get it over with, it's not fun anymore.

This Qwikster thing means more than just a name change. It really is going to be the most massive thing to happen to the company since the very first day they started streaming. I'm just worried it's not going to be as well received (and hey, streaming wasn't at first. People are still finding ways to whine about it, despite secretly loving it).

I'm waiting to see how it goes, but I am awfully worried about a company I at one time had full faith in.

Robert Emmerich

When I watched this video all I saw was a guy who was too stupid to order movies he likes and wanted to watch. Here's a thought, drop to 1-at-a-time, [email protected]

I think there might have been some other funny stuff in there but they kept harping on his mounting pile of DVD discs he didn't want so the rest was lost on me.

Price hikes suck, Qwister is a stupid name, splitting websites is the stupidest decision NF has ever made, nobody wants to sign up for Dish to stream BB. Well actually I considered it for 5 seconds, but that's another post.

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