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Another option (which I've used is http://unblock-us.com/ -- I hadn't heard of UnoTelly before this post, but the two services look pretty similar.


A few other things I noticed -

- UnoTelly offers a free level of service (mostly network TV and streaming music services) but also splits its access into two levels. To get access to everything, it's 7.95 a month. unblock-us has one single package at $4.99 a month that includes everything - there's no free or premium levels.
- UnoTelly seems to only offer two DNS servers where as unblock-us.com offers servers in various geographic locations (Asia, Europe, North America, etc.).
- Unblock-us offers manual set up only. UnoTelly offers a quick installer to set up your system as well as manual setup.

Otherwise both services seem very similar. One major difference I noted is that unblock-us doesn't seem to mention speeds anywhere on their site where as UnoTelly does. I'm fairly certain the way these services work it's just the initial request from the browser that goes through their servers and that the actual streaming is directly between you and the host, but I could be wrong.

At any rate, good to see another provider in this area! Unblock-us has been fantastic for us.


Sorry, one last thing - UnoTelly doesn't seem to have a privacy policy anywhere on their site, where as unblock-us.com does. The fact that UnoTelly is "a division of Focal Advertising" and the lack of a privacy policy is a little troubling, I'd say.


I'm a Unblock-US.com (ex usvideo.org) customer since February 2011 and I gotta say that this service is really really great.
Compared to proxy who can slow down the internet connection, a DNS redirection is totally transparent.

It's very easy to setup almost every equipment with the tutorials they offer on their website. I use the service on my iPad, iPhone, Mac, PS3, XBOX360, then I put the DNS directly in my router (which is easier than setting up a proxy cause many routers don't don't have settings for proxy). So now, all my equipment can go on Netflix, Pandora, hulu , many US tv network website also some radio station that can't be played outside the US.

The only reason I've set up my router is that some gadgets don't have DNS settings (like a Google TV).

So for 5 bucks a month, it's just a great and easy way to have access to many content from US, the team behind Unblock-US is really nice, you can email them if you have question etc...

Dane Andersen

Could you use this to get around blackouts for NBA league pass on the Apple TV??? (Inside the US watching home team games)

John Kimble

I have been using UnoTelly for two months now and so far no complaint.

To Dane,

I don't watch NBA so I'm not sure it will work for the blackout. I guess your best bet is to e-mail them.


I would still say go for the VPN solution. You get the added layer of security and it will unblock any sites. With these DNS services you can only unblock the services they support. Personally I prefer VPN as I have written here: Netflix Outside the US


@Thomas Fals : a good VPN costs a lot, personally I have a 25Mbps internet connection, I don't want to use a VPN and see my connection dropping to 2Mbps... Of course a VPN unblock any websites, but most of the websites are free to use w/o any restrictions so... For less than 5 bucks I prefer a DNS service, the security argument is just there to make people subscribe to their service haha it will never stop a hacker or any virus.

Marie-Laurence Tremblay

I've been using UnoTelly for 2 and a half months and I'm very satisfied. It is easy to use and very affordable (7,95$ a month)

It is easy to speak with someone if I need to, there's great customer service.

I can bypass any website that use to block me (I,m in canada)

I recommend UnoTelly to anyone. It is really a great and affordable solution.

Best Regards

Michael X

I've been using Unotelly for a few months, everything works well. I think it's fairly easy to use compare to its competitors. I definitely recommend it

Price is certainly affordable. I believe Unotelly has more channels than Unblock-US.com even just comparing the $5 package. Of course it's slightly different line up, it would depend on your own preference as well.

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